Sunday, August 18, 2019


Nov. 2nd, 2004 I voted in Leicester and there was a police officer observing me... he let me drive away after I fell down drunk with him seeing it... I fell in the parking lot and got all wet and muddy -- a man helped me to my car and he said "The cop is watching you," -- and the officer saw and everything, but he wanted his buddy stationed, waiting, at the very end of Henshaw Street to pull me over with wet leaves covering the surface of the 35 MPH road.


A group of people including my-parents, girlfriend, aunts and uncles, best-friends -- they knew I was sad about failing classes at a state college, after a shitty community "college" where I didn’t learn enough about Computer Science, my major, and I hadn't had any alcohol for a month and a half, but my peers didn't like it and neither did my Uncle Andy Gleick, so he formed a plan with my girlfriend to have me pulled over drunk, after putting enough pressure on me until I cracked and drank liquor . . . FUCK THEM !!!

I had to withdraw from Calculus I on a rainy day Andy and Allyson said, drown your sorrows if you’re sad, so I went to a bar and a liquor store... They told my friend Derek not to answer the door at his house I went to after the bar -- I wanted to wear off my buzz watching a movie inside -- he was at the Leicester Police Station with all my family, friends, relatives I FOUND OUT LATER, but I was driving home drunk TO MY DISMAY and the cops were looking for me, my girlfriend was on the phone, they were passing around her phone and everyone said THERE'S A COP CATCHING UP TO YOU !!!

AND HE'S GONNA PULL YOU OVER IF YOU DON'T DRIVE FAST ENOUGH !!! everyone I knew was yelling to go faster, and I crashed into a telephone pole at my driver's door, a side-airbag saved my life, but it put my hip in 7 pieces — so I have trouble walking — and I hit my head REALLY HARD (…64 mph…) ( Glasgow Coma Scale rated my abilities at 4/15…) that put me in the ICU for a month, 3 weeks on a stomach tube because I didn’t swallow, and tubes everywhere, I went to Fairlawn Rehab Hospital for 2.5 months that I recovered a good amount, but my brain has trouble with memory and coordination — I have double double vision vision that I got two surgeries on my eyes and I still have to wear “Prismed glasses” and duck my head to see straight . . .

Does Tiph have my baby ???
Does Ally have my baby ???
My sperm was stolen from me, when my brain was healing !!!

 *** All I know is that a nurse made me have an orgasm with her hand the second or third week I was in the I.C.U. on an Operating Table and she collected all of my sperm !!! 

I don't want to be a father !!!

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