Friday, January 14, 2022

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 Ephemeral minerals beneathe the world’s sour surface, have it surgery of the tectonic plates to make and bake the brownies with sum “Purp” at the thuggish spot across town, are you down? Gone up to the steamy stars of the spa, its steam room, with boiled broccoli — oh gee — the healthy eating of me, of mine, on my own time, gringo get-go to the kitchen cooks only… no ‘perps’ or ‘pervs’ with the swerves of women’s curves at the gym, fitness work-out room to go to soon — abdominals “Ephemeral” antics of the food-cooks, Samanthamilla and a salamander with who will put “The Man” downstairs, all up in her, the V-spot on damsels “Divine” “of mine” illogical agendas advertised abroad, with a whore who wants a lot more… “Cish-Cash” giving out ass, this lass, she will be the last at the welfare office, seeking Unemployment benefits with friends, meeting their ends at the roundtable so sound, a pitcher taking Stance on the mound like a mountain the Youth Fountain, old Dominic in his Ford Francko the Bronco belonging to the big booty bitch known to her John’s as Betty, and already difficult to describe I feel this vibe for a Tribal tattoo of Barbed Wire, branding arms with hot fire, terrible desire, Don’t, and I assure you I won’t seek paid sex in the Next “life” with my wife-  I long for marriage with a beautiful female at my side, calling to my beckons, “Oh the dickens!” Dickie’s pants paid for at the store a Macy’s with a sleuth Disk Tracy writing with his 3.5” floppy USB USA — dear to my Country with all of me, taxes paid with Disability for me, all of me, with or without, there’s no doubt I’ll find an alternate route of the roots on tall trees, with a rest for the Doves in their Nest, we have Nexed with the nickel-bags belonging to the properties of Nicks, the hair atop a brain, so thick, so thin, and the baby wins the affection of an urban appointment with my own 2-cents showing face, this Honest Abe- he came with propane and a Mattress to infinity, me but Lyrically, pecking at keynotes on the tablet, found on a table, telling the truth, I am reminded of the candy bar “Baby” Ruth, causing the evacuation of a tooth from a mouth, all the way down South and bereft-  so what to do? Trust a Jew??? Maybe in my Trust Fund providing provoked monetary increases of bank accounts about abroad print-out of the ledger, so step back, don’t jump, just HUMP tee dum p ty saw me on the CD-ROM with it’s so long making mentions of Mannie on her birthday with short stature, cute for chicks, simple hicks, sampled whines from the students detained at Detention… a skyline erection building brighter boobies sprinkled with the hassles of PUSHING THEM UP! Not needy are those females with small titties playing with Kitties popping Skittles sounding like Surround, and the police are on the scene, I hope they are not mean to me!

Often the horsemen biological strong galloping and flirting with the neighborhood Nanny of France: Fran Drescher driving a Hyundai Accent, so click Accepted to the email professional in an electrode explode with my load and a loaf of bread… put on your Loafers and drive to Hooters where they wear upholstery for a ladies’ businesses to import the most serious member of the Academy calling Alchemy, those “chems” on the Pharma providers and doctors the medicine-prescribers giving me Xanax with snacks in the food room cabinets and a freezer sipping Smoothies for breakfast or after a Diesel Work-Out sitting up with sit-up’s and pushing to the limited limits of pumping out push-up’s periodically presumptuous properties of Princes and Pawn-Stars on purpose, with no reason… now is the Season for yeast to be gently sprinkled on chicken facing East, I’m stunned, God has no son, Wikipedia: Parthenogenesis…

There have been some virgin births before and after Jesus Christ, so I choose to pray to God instead, not Jesus Christ who is an example of “Parthenogenesis” that I read about on in 2004, getting free of Christ, being at the Mercy of God Himself The Father, and I love my Dad and Mom, they talk to me, my parents are my “Health Proxy”

Thursday, January 13, 2022

I want to know about my stock-market investment from 2013 or 2014 with Dan B. my cousin of Saint John's schooling, and I really have at least 1 Bitcoin, not kidding myself Market Summary > Bitcoin $42,858.20 +276.60 (0.65%) today

I want to know about my stock-market investment from 2013 or 2014 with Dan B. my cousin of Saint John's schooling, and I really have at least 1 Bitcoin, not kidding myself Market Summary > 1 Bitcoin $42,858.20 USD +276.60 (0.65%) today SERIOUSLY I have at least 1 Bitcoin and I subscribe to Bitcoin Magazine, with my 4 nice Bitcoin shirts!

Casual kittens in the castle King on his “Throne” with words of my own, the seam is sewn- the kitty alone, my broken bones, on the street is my home and the king in the castle “on the Throne” his asshole a debacle of swishy swooning swimmers in the Red Sea, fishes as food, all the Carp for me, “Throne” for crap not Carp and go on a low-Carb diet to burn belly-fat and reduce fatty deposits, “on the Throne” to my own, me-  the next big thing something special with no discretion for my Creation of prose and poetry, taking Creatine Ethyl Ester to increase and provoke an egg yolk of a male body like mine shining bright, to increase Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP) on an ATM, with HIM! — yes that guy right there he just put a piece of pink pack of Bubblicious bubblegum in his pocket, a Thief who needs relief, spoiler alert, smash ’n’ grab robberies in Louis Vuitton pocket purses with the lingo to get ‘plus’ GO!

I’m painting a picture of this “casual kitten” name it Mittens — actually, I want “Averte” where I have my own apartment, to get a house cat I’d name it “Cookies” and I’m painting a picture of this cute chubby cubbie kitty

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

I'll take you anywhere you want to go, and Justine Aragona 2009-2013 always exclaimed "The Mall" !!!!!

Whimsical and Tipsy, when romancing my Tiffany completely sober, hopefully the both of us, me for sure, asking for no more, evil alcohol done with it, after throwing a Fit, when I couldn’t Drink a lot, and then I found MMJ “pot” but not a lot, which I later had to stop.

Upon living here at “Averte” they take care of me, with road flares ignited in the driveway, when I want to drive away, and returning home, hopefully near Justine in the area, not to scare ya, but I want to bone her so badly I’m biting my pillow thinking of the high heights and humble lows, this is all for show!!! While flexing my magnificent muscles and tussling my Dad’s full head of hair, at which I stare seeing no bad baldness, head full of black, mostly, hair, with some gray’s.

I will survive without a single satisfactory sacrifice, being at humble lows but only a little bit, staying Fit for longer than a Bit, coin, and “crypto-currencies” making me famous as a “Whale” and not liking costumes  or furry tails.

Parking at an intersection with much inspection, feeling the detection, the honking drivers for thanking the absence of law enforcement on a great descent, more than decent, so I don’t repent, as I feel so spent, living like the homeless in a tent, on an Indian reservation with whiskey, kitty kitten named “Cookies” with a puzzled and kooky look on him or her in the house, searching for a mouse, not in a trap, for the cat to attack.

California I mourn for ya, with NoKo’s subs in the Pacific, and they’re within firing range, in specific, without a single trick, on my part, when I wonder when a war will start, letting out a burp, the slush puppy I slurp, like a milky cool syrup to enjoy, with me to be employed, hopefully my a vitamin shop, selling Inositol to a cop in disguise, me surprised, for I hide nothing so as I’m maybe despised, to those who fail to see me as a prize, those Googley eyes, facing different directions, for a vision surgeon’s inspection, when I need Tadalafil for a full erection, of a building, whey protein is so filling, and I am more than willing, to take chocolate milk for swilling, in the jug and tug tug tug it’s a boat full of cargo to go fast like a Scarab and I like Israel, of Arabs.

Majesty of masturbation and tuning into the tunes on a local radio station, this is my Nation where I have much contemplation upon when it listen to Miley, maybe feeling smiley with a kiss on the cheek, toots, wearing boots for show, and the audience applauds the loudest, the crowd of them funny people looking on and oh it’s on, me mowing the front lawn at dawn, washing with dish-soap for this is my hope, living at home with Mom and Dad, me promising them I won’t be bad, or ever make them sad, for that is in the past, which didn’t last, for long, like the short song on WSBK that I wonder if the sound of my voice is okay, okay? as the horse eats a minimal about of hay in the meadow, wouldn’t you kn0w, it, if Miss Tiph catches my drift, happy in bed, enough being said, with kisses all over and more in store for the onlookers to endure, for more, I implore, 

Mama Mia, Tess and Tia, as per the many luxurious restaurants at rest-stops to employ a gay soldier’s handle on the GRIP of things, and get this — I dig the Dogecoin that’s accelerated and Bitcoin Cash that has my phat stack of chips on the Frito-Lay pinball wheel of racing my future 1999 Ferrar F355 GTS F1

or new 200-series Ferrari 296 sold on to pass the ball to Tom Brady of Tampa (go UT!) 

Tangle Tackle at the armpit showroom of kitchen Brooms but this while shopping at Brooks with Arba Miha I found her cute living with Derek and Brian at Geneva St. near Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital of the Mum’s and the Nun’s “Hospice” with “Spice” by a new and young and fresh Campbell’s soup can puzzle I put together years ago and while wearing hats on Earth to fund the “Projects” with welfare payments of mad snacks coming at you with attacks from Hypersonic Missiles that change trajectory, Trading Joe’s at Trader Joe’s, but to Prophet from the Messiah of a mess of smoking on a pipe with a phat stack of a Nintendo 64 with Donkey Kong-  this while wearing earrings to the beach to soak up the sun on your thong with the 2 buns, which are the baker’s bread on Breaking Bad or Baker Pond, scrubbing a scumbag’s back with a thong, No, this being a LOUFA !!!!!

Inception at the intersection of massive orifices leaking greasy sebum through the Secretagory Gland of the Corporeal, For Real, For Real !!! With a half-white egg-white with some of that African flair of tossing a thick head of hair, some lady at the Boutique, possibly paying with Bitcoins and money out of my Estate, like my always-valid Trust Fund through my great millionaire Mom and Dad!

Monday, November 22, 2021

Shuffle-Shuffle, the deck of cards!

She’s all mine because our dancing is fine, it is so-o-o fine and to the stars and behind, grabbing her’s with my two palms divided when we back it up pack it up, I don’t smoke CBD or take THC in our silk, made from worms and my words, the slanted slingily stinging prospect of sexual reproduction, again and again, with her puffy belly carrying a feline fetus to eat lettuce and chocolate Ensure drinks each morning, for the Glory of winning so thinning with the good-ol’ SLIM-FAST, reducing weight to elongate meeting our eventual fate, the demise being the hard part awaiting another world, you’re my girl dressed fine in Ralph Lauren, shopping at Saks 5th Avenue, for you to peruse the dressables, like it’s so fun to get undressed but slowly, removing the top items brain and t-shirt, then the skirt, so much of a flirt, but never cheating with our hearts beating at a matching pace

Cum-quats squats crunches cardio being fit like a quarterback who’s FUCK MY ENEMIES DEAD TO THE END OF SPACE WHERE THERE ARE ONLY STARS IN FRONT OF HIM AT THE OUTTER EDGE OF THE UNIVERSE! unrefined at dinner with no napkins and only a fork and knife... so where’s the chocolate chip pudding ( I just invented that and pudding in small containers should within my lifetime add crunchy chocolate chips! )  when I think to the time when a phonecall cost a dime and everything was working optimal when I was born until my TBI —  aside from nights of taking DXM dextromethorphan Tussin at home in the dark alone just me and my several times, cough syrup buzz with MP3’s playing with “Visualization” programs, playing Astral Projection music and watching MilkDrop on Winamp, but not running linux; using Windows instead of calling a Teckademics Mischief3000 DVD and never GGW on disks Culminating Culprits Calling HOME YES saying I haven’t done a drug in a long time, years now and almost a full year of full Sobriety after ending over 363/365’s of my quitting all alcohol in 2016, in the past many years I’ve only had a single beer and not driving 3 times with a single beer on holidays

Tango Tangle with Tantric “Tanning Drug” teasers at the Showcase before the movie begins, A THRILLER !!!!!

No slasher film here because it’s this evil character “FREDDY KRUEGER! Who’s gonna smash you, bash you, lick you up (and down) and SLASH YOU !!!!!

How did David Perron end his life?

He had 3 beers with me having no-beer he was drinking and was hooked on opiates

But be the worst word you can perhaps come to The C Word :

My best whatever is what I do besides best writing as I come to the FAMOUS conclusion that underneath each other’s one’s clothing and shaved like I’ve been doing since hearing the recommendation on WAAF in 7th grade when I didn’t have a razor so I’d use my Dad’s and then I thought that might not be something that should ever happen again, so Oh I stole my Mom’s disposable shaving legs razor, and then one day when I was bored I mentioned it to my Mom and she said I could use one of Dad’s Gillette razor attachments with blades of it own, like “Blade: the movie” in all it’s best respects to the slain vampires, that I can’t believe the stupid Vampires Vaping show on WB remember channel 9? what happened to that? ALL THOSE SHOWS WITH B l_ acks  !!!!! The “WB” was a “Black” television channel with nightly line-up’s of Black Shows of comedy and the actors and actresses not drinking because who wants to see a drunk black on a t.v. show that isn’t Cops ?????

Flicker you little tiny Bic lighter Mini I never smoke CBD “bud” I CHEW THE CBD and swallow with water or chocolate milk or a whey protein shake from the supermarket Hannaford’s nearby where the staff here buys me things of food and for my apartment and bodily health, but no Insulin

Mystical cans of Sprite and Scotch-Tape to close off the slicey dicey of the blades of a sword from the Ninja, yeah a Ninja from Niagara Falls and HI ANNE SKINNER she’s amazingly helpful in the Niagara Falls, but she’s not a Ninja or black-belt — did you know that I went to about 5 Karate classes and I punched one of the Karate Kid quote-unquote DOJO that I trained at and I could just wear sweatpants for the beginning 5 Karate classes where I hit a guy in the face, and I gave him a bloody lip, so I felt bad until he says, “Hit me again, give me your best shot in the face, at which point I said, “Umm sir- no thank you I don’t want to hurt another human!” But he begged me to punch him in the face, a white Karate guy when I went to Studio 54 and hit him in the face, and he said, “Again! Hit me!” And I hit him in the lip and I stopped, I didn’t punch his ear or kick him in the heartbeat they measure mine here at Averte 

Of course first I said, “Don’t hit me back!” Of course lol

This “holy creation” where consciousness and the brain are so beautifully powerful, but maybe the people who endure pain wouldn’t agree, as I have no aches, I exercise, I take a lot of vitamins and Cialis most days for enhanced full-body weight loss and Cialis’es manly benefits <3 Cialis I don’t really need, I never did with Justine Ara who got me off so much, and I had a full-body orgasm with her shortly before we broke up, and nothing went “inside” me

Take and Rake for a big surprise, just wait as the lights go out and the crowd cheers, for a band is about to go onstage at the Big Top Concert Creation Hall with 4 walls on each side of you, fitted with powerful electric shocking wires and barbed Barbie wire surrounding the “Hostage Waiting Area” as the government of Nicaragua prepares to send a Buxton briefcase with $100’s and Botox by injection, with a ton of tiny pins to shoot it in your pecker wrecker down the waterfall in the Amazon Rain Forest muddy with a lot of rain I remember reading that it rains every day I the Rain Forest that’s being burnt down by shitty countries like China!

I raked people’s front lawns a bunch- one after another with the Minister and people I knew from our Charlton Federated Church PRAISE JESUS!

I didn’t need him and I believe Jesus Christ is a “Prophet” completely separate from God = Did you know that many virgins have given birth???

Oh I read about it on before I crashed and since then, scientific labs have created life WITHOUT ANY SPERM!

Divine Creation = “Parthenogenesis”

I feel like accelerating in a Tesla paid for with dogecoin and Bitcoin plus an my gift of an Apollo blue t-shirt autographed by the entire Space Crew .

ARE YOU IN ?????



I had a 3D videogame system with a few games made by NES called the “Virtual Boy” video game system

But we graduate from boyish things like I have chosen not to sell my Comic Book collection in Charlton, MA where my parents are selling my old toys and stuff that my parents bought for me and my brother Justin

My brother is important to me

Justine Aragona 2009-2013 is very important to me

I want a summer car for my birthday I turn 40 and I haven’t drank since 2016!

I didn’t need it

I’m a good driver

I dated a girl who had a TBI, too, and I really want to marry her and hoping she’s more intelligent now — I don’t care if she still loves Sponge Bob — I quit drinking and we were so great together

A Brisk man in a business suit with a North Face jacket to wear as he’s taxi taking cabs to his office that had been viewable until his apartment at TRL with Carson Daly Dali L-ama and I appreciate the good people who work with my Therapies (TBI) and CHARITIES, that I’m trying to raise money for the poor people a Rev. I know does a lot of Humanitarian work, like buying food I want to buy WEIGHT GAINERS!


What an ingenious idea by me and my parents are matching my donation

The Islamic Nation!

My perspiration containing bits of 9/11 remembrance of Lance Armstrong who didn’t actually cause 9/11 but he paid his taxes and he has helped LIVESTRONG AND LIVESTRONGPLUS+ Multi-Vitamin-C anti-oxidant but not an Amino Acid vitamins supermarket bottles of pills-pills-pills to much on with a white cracker at the cracked windshield in the John-Deere-wearing FACT-ORY WORKER AT A NUCLEAR POWER PLANT THAT I never ordered “seeds” or took opiates



Friday, November 12, 2021

The Subaru Solterra behold~


Mother deaf and dead Dave with no love, but perhaps from Above, liked the likely lie of David on fire, with Satan, the red dragon takes the wagon to Hades in an SUV by Bacardi's Mercedes-Benz automotive trends and likelyhood for something sugar sweet all around Allah, it is so good I say, THE BEST, doing pushup's for my big breasted milk-fed chest!

 Mother Dove of Faith to God Himself The Father — let’s take a minute for Jesus Christ who suffered for me, I never saw Jesus, I am delighted with, to be alive, without lice — those creepy criminal cringing at having his license taken away me I don’t drive here out-of-state EXPIRED MMJ card, I don’t need, or want — I’ve never had lice and I am clean, and has John Coz been well ???

I care about him and his son, like I care about Daniel M. Besse who wants to make money with me!

DAN’S SON, but maybe I wonder “What’s in it for me?”

Mommy D. I just want you to be, happy with me!

So happy to see you with the Clinique Astringent gentlemen of the Marquis Family, and I conquered the name of “Elegance” with my writing when I remember, you use Estrogen and I applaud that or maybe some other pill, let’s see Brady in Tampa, I want to see “Mannie” with her husband who I would like to meet this man, let me just say:  hats off to Nick D’Amico if they’re still married, and I wanted to think, “Did Danita really think she was really dating, “I’m Mom’s favorite!”

Dad is your favorite, ever since you met him, that’s so special you two were looking for marriage, to take your hubby to bed and wake up in the morning before millionaire Dad when Mother Hen Mother, “Mother, Mother, indeed like no other and let’s not forget to take sex too far, enjoying the looks on the face of one another... I was friends with Elon Musk — I believe I asked for Facebook on the phone to be friends with Elon Musk because my Dad was a millionaire, so I became his friend and called him on the phone when I wanted to tell him how lucky so super lovingly loving the Church Service, and we all taste the Body of Christ, as I have been so blessed to attend a Christian Private school for high school when the Saint’s would pray over us the students I love Elon Musk I want to buy the Minister a Tesla with Cardano I’m going all- in, on, I’m on, I’m On, I’m On, I’m NOT ON THE SPOT many years since my MMJ

if I were really suited UP  with a suit and tie and a BOW tie no less, in a bed in a nice hotel Suite — sweet whoopee woolly wool while I’ve never peed in the pool here, not HEATED at 70 degrees who sits on the throne, Whoopie Goldberg in “Sista Act” I took acting class in HS and I didn’t often get high there as I haven’t acted mean to anyone but Jesus Christ who I thank Him and Rev. Anne Skinner I thank with me having a Suite overlooking Niagara Falls with Sweet Justine (SJ I WENT TO SAINT JOHN’S)

My MMJ card ended and I’m going to buy Mom the whole entire “24” series when my Crypto Profits come in that are going up all-in with Tesla, increasing revenue over many years in time to CLIMB MOUNT VESUVIUS SUE B. family of 244 carats with a side of carrots and sell the Tesla Sedan with more than enough oomph to throw Ripley a bone and she would chew it, years in time since my MMJ card expired, three, years, ago… but look and go to Tampa to be with her for a light lunch at a cafe if she’d like — but the fact that Mannie now a “D’Amico” Mannie in Spanish I at WSU, friends for years, to see her and see her again, with Manny then “Mannie” Rotella on Facebook at WSU — Danita didn’t know why I wanted her involved, but for a short time I was FRIENDS with her, sending her the video of when Ross Kisses Rachel on FRIENDS-ONLY I never went to her room but I saw her one day when I was outside of the dorms, Dan knows, I’ve done nothing wrong with her, and Dan didn’t teach me at Saint John’s but how to later grow that I now take a bunch of Calcium Citrate strong bones like James Bond! Because he would want his kid’s inheritance invested in Etherium


And Cardano that I hope to either own a new o oh  o o o I want a new car with the profits from Etherium and Cardano, but not much growth in Bitcoin that had a small dose ???

) MOTHER DOVE ( a ship sails John Coz to the pier where he parks his new Volvo outside of the Pier 1 wooden boat


ISN’T (1. A DONKEY ??? 2. DELIRIOUS ??? 3. SNIFFING DUSTER ??? 4. Or this meeting getting torn the fuck out of a printer I don’t have here, I haven’t printed anything here or with the staff

Let’s listen to Dad talk about his second-career, bass fishing, and Dad never gambled, you allowed my buying cheap and expensive scratch tickets, when I won $250 on a Pinball Wizard ticket, but not a Traffic Ticket

Toots, with booty buns for me hun!

Pass, the sugar sweet of who but you,

Who, tantalizing treat a tall tree 3,

Hey, viva la vida especial a la Allah,

God, you are the greatest feat of a

Whoa, the hologram of Him You God

The, dearest Father complete I met

Facebook, Meta- shopping at NETA

Paris, France, my eventual location?

Money in France, I dance in my pants

Like Lance, the loser doper, a dope,

Smoking in 3’s, I haves these, trees,

Say I, can say the word of the Lord,

With TextEdit not Microsoft Word!

This feeling is what I know- commencement comments on Facebook, showing Miley Squatting at a beach at night, there was no light, gentle and coastin’ from coast to coast, eating. Buttered Toast, with a real “toast” to the almighty Wayne the millionaire holding onto his “Cash-Cash” not smoking butts or Hash, generating grey ash, so dust to dust, I’m on the Cusp, drinketh drinkers like Derek Langlois his toast to roast, occasionally sipping wine with his AZN wife, I hope she shows him “strife” =/

Karma complete, I have 2 feet, and 7 inches below, I stow and I stay while watching nothing “Gay” sensing no attraction Subaru Outback XT with Traction, slipping in the snow, tilted reflection... and in the puddle of RBC blood, with an Insulin interjected injection, the “tilted reflection” needs inspection with Sr. Gadget of a grey TRENCH coat throwing grenades above, and while drinking Gatorade a Dove sails the sky, I’m not high, I like the Zoloft 3 times a day, so I will stay and talk nicely to E. E. Webs galore with Weebs drinking warm beer on this cold outside night of touching Syllables with the Bible staying idle, liable for Jesus’ adoration, a Prophet, says in The Qur’an, “Jesus Is My Homie” t-shirts I’ve ordered galore, more in store, for a can of Campbell’s Soup with chicken and seller-ie (Celery) along plus “Seltzer” of savage Savior Jesus Christ, my Prophet — sorry I don’t think Jesus is God, because I have experience with “GOD” I know him and His Divine Presence at the edge of space, my place, to be with Him and my tight belly drinking Perrier from a glass belonging to Krystal Witterall, on Christmas Eve, the company/business of $36.5M owned by Great Wayne who knows I’m not insane, to say the least with honest thinking about positive honesty that the jerks on the phone that made me hit a telephone pole and not a TREE!

I don’t “Smoke Trees”

I don’t drink

I don’t wear Mink,

I think, I think

I don’t wear pink,

I don’t puke in the sink,

I call this weak, you hum


 Bang Bang banjo dingo dangling a dangling with a feather pillow smattering along with Her, my Darling oh we sing —  Madam for you I have a right tight ring for your leftmost pinky, eating a Twinkie with

the Pinkie up, and miss drink of your cup, the pathway of the Nissan “Pathway Finder” Standing right aside her- noticing by chance to dangle and angle off the angel, rainy clouds, being Loud and not

Shroud Stroon Spoon Shrewn Sherwsbury Catholic School for 5 grand a year, pay the lunch lady land with the mop on her hand of a simple pickup, take the Truck, and the Tank, with Hank, him to thank for ‘a’ my, my oh my, a Paris pizza pie, at my Bank in France overseers harvesting the happenings of white barren wombs of wombats and women when I add them the Adding Adidas and additional ad - vert 

ramp, on some Tini Tize-ments Tinkle Tower at this very hour, or an ornament adorned with the owner of fluffy grey hair, the one who is to care, looking down unapprovingly of wet sticky hair, in the

sink... and wearing a Mink fur of hairs with an EMT who really cares, no death for me or me the He of the Leicester matter, sleeping on a mattress to rest on one’s eyes after with your and My credit-card declined, of bullshit hacked purchases, what gives? I don’t want to have any kids!!! Barren tomb of a bleach monsoon down south, Trident in my mouths, to feed, with my need... and with a single seed 

the gift of fruity, dancing goes the black girl named Roh-die on TV in the dark, be careful where you park, nest to a violet-cranberry Cadillac, hit the gasoline, we’re sitting sighting and but SIGHING instead of “Signing” on the dotted-line hot off the bench-presses we’re a malignant mess, with a receipt signed by Jess. a madam new to Tocci and with capered sushi a TV dinner we have a winner in pink, soap on the bathroom sink, with EZ Clay Spray to the Wildest of may adorn a bedfellow biting the pillow, hill of hills with vertical drop-shoot spills the beans on the Gluteus Flutes in Nissan’s sure serif, singing, if, and only if, with a thin mother Tiph white hen a beckoning with balls I’m breaking them seen on to Green! Go! Light circle of a Gumby storage signal, comfotrting the sullying Saleen Musgtang  twang in between the bosoms of my Mother Earth, I wouldn’t like to ever give Birth, out of a peter-petri dish if you insisted, on the inside, I swallow my pride, of a Bitcoin(s) investment in 2013 or 2014 premature

Maxima’s arriving late today’s current reciporical repository to get the Respiratory long story an STi on the road, my lawn at my house, Dad keeps mowed, with a Mode; Model Mold Mod off and be a cat in the house meowing and whole-cowing it, to Tip one soon, Alice, to the moon of Maternal Madness Gluteus Glutes and with gowns down to the Maximus, of this precipise of spice on the riff- put out that Lit Spliff, with Tiph to tantle longer than the high-past hour, forlorn and worn, miss the coffee drinks, pouring hot water down the sink, so it doesn’t stink to the stuck mother fuck in the freezer a la an old Geezer, while listening to Weezer on the Chantilly Lace for a man to embrace, and a long song, belief with 100% bequeathed be wine belonging  to the owner of Palestine, with Jesus Christ the Monte Cristo watching Spice, inhaling Spice, but tonight do It twice, for a double bereft of a shotgun sawed short in baseball,  the bag, and stop, I am not a licensed cop, applying the Wily choke hold, while in the November months it’s cold, all of them,  to be about announced, and Anonymously- this is the shining light of my princess hun (Justine Aragona) I have won!