Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Please read my with new content!

Artisan of the words carries on with the herds of cattle with a kitty-cat Kit-Kat bar, at a bar with gymnasium workers pumping Bar Bells jingle jingle the Amazon is the jungle for an uncle and his wife, oh what a life, to need not work a job, using the treadmill as advised through wise advice from Dr. Candido Ph.D. main man big name prestigious doctor and his wife as Secretary Secrets in Y2K we all thought the government was planning something big, bigger than a few computer screens systems crashing as per 19/20

Pages 19 and 20

About Carina Ricciardi (19) and About Jessica Tocci (20)

I wrote 100-200 pages, mostly in size=8 font, about my stay with them in the mental-hospital for 23 days of our “Trio” of spending all day together with our 3 chairs pulled together so we could spend many hours talking about our lives and what we wanted to accomplish in our lives, when I said I wanted to write a book.

I got an A- in Poetry II at WSU and a B+ in Creative Writing, with Dr. Walker and I had to use a walker and then a cane for my offset balance from my TBI in 2004.

From whence the mothership landed, I believe my sperm was STOLEN from me in the ICU when a nurse jacked me off to collect my sperm for a couple girls to have my children, but you all thought I would have to declare “Bankruptcy” that I hope my rich parents will pay most of it, and then I have a lot of money in a French Bank that I plan on paying the necessary taxes when I import the $120 or $140 from when I paid Daniel “Cuz” Besse, who is a relative, when I slept over his house and invested in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Stellar, Dogecoin, etc. that cost so little when I got a deal to buy shares, that I think my Dad gave me money out of my Trust Fund to invest, who, I thank my Dad and Mom and this wise man Bruce Fenton who is a public figure, for his advice to invest my money into “Crypto-Currencies” which I earned working at my rich father’s plastics company that sold for $36.5 million.

I believe Allyson Drucker-Hodgkins and Tiffany “Tiph” Desrosiers had children with MY STOLEN SPERM!

So kiss me my darling as the wedding-ring diamond called “Ice” is brilliantly sparking, dedicating myself to Justine and the Tantric Trip to God Himself The Father at the edge of space, and on the FAR-end, yeah the distant edge of space, not this bullshit with Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos reaching the very beginning of God’s universe, that I accelerated all the way to the FAR-end where there are no planets or moons or galaxies I traveled in a straight line, on my journey to God that Blessed night of anal orgasms for me and the tingling sensation to meet and be in a Divine Paradise in the universe where I was free of Gravity having launched off from my bed at my home in Massachusetts where I would go to Church every Sunday as I’m a proud Protestant who did well at a Catholic High School for $5k/year when I would drink some beer at parties and lucky enough to have a sober driver friend, on the nights I couldn’t sleep over at the party house where I was a guest friend and beer drinker, so who could have guessed I’d be with God Himself The Father with my greatest lover ever named Justine Aragona and Oh how I want to replicate that experience when Allah took me to God Himself The Father at the far-end of space, where I found my “place” along the hours when I ended up being inside God’s cranium when I’d look through His eyes — one at a time because I couldn’t be in two places at once, when He was like The Statue of Liberty! I am the greatest American taxpayer who abides by the law, never drinking alcohol, like I haven’t been to a bar in a very long time, when Abstinence is all mine!

Sing the nothing song and feel fine, as I don’t plan on reaching beyond God again, but that’s maybe just me, and I would implore my peers not to be queers and mainly please the vaginas of their girlfriends/wives for the rest of their lives, of living straight and forward, yeah STRAIGHT like “The Path” of Allah and maybe I went in a straight line the whole way because I pointed to where I knew I would meet Him and spend hours of pleasure with Him, and God:  I only saw his rear end not bent over or anything sexual, as God resembles The Father of His universe I never curse, reading and rereading verses of the Holy Qur’an on the John, and Psalms in the Holy Bible I pray to, but I don’t believe in “Heaven” alone, as I know we should appreciate the heaven/hell that maybe some of us endure and excitedly make our exits where we all “exist” in this Saint John’s Class of 2000 for me, in all I see, having traveled for 40 minutes twice a day for some higher learning of Jesus and Islam with the Catholic Bishops Blessing the entire school, I wish I was more athletic, maybe playing a sport after school, I was cool.  And I got it right at night when I would only envision beautiful bountiful fucking girls bouncing and trouncing with hallucinogens and then getting in trouble, them, not me, for I saw the light with Tussin containing DXM I’d get my buzz on, my parents fussed over one night when I drank too much Tussin sold at CVS and Walgreens and Walmart, maybe giving my brain some rare “Olney’s Lesions” that occur with too much “Dissociative” drug use, but that’s all in the past as now I see I can benefit from CBD and CBD only without THC I don’t need, but I’d like to space out and smoke legit MMJ that I HAVE A CARD FOR, but I haven’t had my MMJ in many years, like I don’t use Delta-8 or Delta-10 and I only have CBD!

I have very little money in my Bank of America account, but I might have hundreds of thousands of dollars in a bank in France!

I invested my money into “crypto-currencies” that I read about when I cried, in pain, in 2005, when I was gifted with this great idea to become a millionaire, as per the BitTorrent = Bitcoin belief I trusted! And I want my Trust Fund back through my Dad and Mom!

“I’m way up, I feel Blessed!” =D

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Splash and Bash on the forehead for skin this akin to my rambling words that are in no way absurd...

Tongues swishing singing swooning with a sweetie poo pooh-bear and a trigger trying typing for a panic attack oh ackkk yuck-yick-yick and this is the female I am missing, pleading give me my “Justine” right now in coming days to come for her, for anyLonger-she is not a teen no more, when with her, I would score so valuably valiantly with the vim humming from her humming in my stroke them (S-crot them), while soaring free as a bird I wished for our love to be my words, my voice and the words cumming out of my mouth — ooh la la fancy pants minus the pants, and make that minus the underwaez tight up between the buns of the bum, hun... minus the men with POV (point of view) (prisoner of war) yeah “POV” video only showing one figure on the fine f-ing female on-screen to be seen without being mean WHEN I CALL FOR ANTI-VIRUS ANTI-VO ANTI-VIOLENCE ANTI-VIOLINS  to be played tennis balls bouncing, them balls straight-up bouncin’ like “Bro, let’s BOUNCE!”, to be played through the oral Autistic Full-Spectrum SERVE the ball but not in the tennis field of court with dreams of creating a baseball field to eat corn on the Cobb every night — duh — what do you think people who grow corn eat for dinner every night ??? WITH DELICATE DELICIATE DELICIOUS DINING WITH BUTTER AND BUTTS ***ahem***

It’s an awful shame that corn doesn’t digest all in our stomach and inter-testinals like other food!

Aww, Pooh Bare, that white hair around your rear is very unclean, have you seen ???

Po on Teletubbies has no orifices ((( aside from a mouth and eye-ball sockets,  I would not want to watch that on PornHub! )))

#2 pencil Pussy predict a pontificated King Pontius pointed like a ball-point pen as the pencil has been traded for ink, and hoo boy oh boy that has quite a stink — so I quit here to make it onto the next one, the next post and I will rest my typing on the type-board bulletin-board of my own at The Poetic Voice I spoke with my voice to Mrs. Vo with candles lit and our handles on the inter web I’m “alwayschillen” and I floss with much, brushing, onto my Flavor, where Modest Mouse sings, “Float On” that I pulled up on the net and next to a Geo Metro with racing stripes akin to a stringy-thing around the hips of the dippy-doo at the hoop with Kyrie Irving doing all the flirting with the tall thin cheerleaders kickin’ their footsies foo in the air for you!

I try to see a life on the, Ending With my Bit-Chain BitCoin(s), The Titanic dancing on the ballroom floors as the ship goes down, and I went down on some sweet girls, confined to a floor, I needed nothing more than THE BALLROOM DANCING in the empty cafeteria as we had no music playing, so the beautiful younger girls all sung songs while we danced, but what a shame we couldn’t listen to Rhianna or view her stupendous (stupid)  ((( stop drop and roll on E all nizzy lizzy )))

With Izzy

and a can of IZZE (Tiphdizzle) they have here, I’m so thankful ISIS IS GONE !!!

Read this wording for just a brief moment and think of the many foreign lives saved — what do we have in common ?????

WE’RE ALL HUMANS READING MY STUNNING SENTENCES being a #1 Stunner with Philip Stoddard my lawyer from my DUI verdict, when the Judge proved to me he has a big one, as I walked out the door sans driver’s-license for 1 year and a car was upon me parked on the paved city street outside my favorite restaurant I crafted a serious article about the willy-nilly “designer coffees” they served for a year or so, so while it was up I would order the delicious Coca Mocha that made it in print on my published article in The Student Voice at my University in Worcester where my Dad built a business that sold for over 30 million USD, don’t you see?

I was so lucky enough to have a job doing data-entry I enjoyed with my seat at my table in The Company “President’s” Office and attending the morning meeting with the owners and high-up co-workers in the heezy wheezy baby!  nom nom nom a DD-cupcake for the wife jumping out of a huge white cardboard cake with Art-Deco “decorations” all across our USA Nation!

Choppers U-Haul’ing coppers at the intersection all sexual holding a MAGNUM and I’m not talking about the sealed box of Trojan MAGNUMS taking a nap, atop my fridge, in my kitchen, like the spatulas spatting at the tarantulas — an Usambara Tarantula in my room at home whoa meny years ago to and fro and for me at Reptiles and Beyond near my home, I bought a vicious tarantula in the Bermuda Triangle with Katy Perry’s “Prism” disc that was a big hit I bought it for my Mom to listen to with thoughts of the sky above me with many clouds holding iced-water with lemons and limes not that SKYY vodka from so long ago, “AWW YEAH NIGGA THAT’S THE SH-BOOM’S CLUB I DRANK ONE GIN&TONIC THERE WHILE I STAIRED AT THE STAIRS LEADING TO THE ROOF, SO *RAISE IT* — raise da roof — woof woof Ripley my pet stoked- at stroking your thick-coat in a garden with a moat and a Goat, like my “Horny Goat Weed” in capsules and catapulting the nearest kitten-cats catatonic like the gin that I don’t have any gin since 2016, since helping amino-acids divest with Ginger from the store where I’ve asked them, “Buy me more ice cream galore because I love Ben&Jerry’s BJ flavor with “flava flav” doing a dance with a dingo, and the gin go-  straight down your gastric bypass tube sticking out of your gut, BUT I urge all of you to “THE MY MINIMALIST DIET” when I quested to eat only white rice, unflavored protein powder, unflavored and non-buttered corn kernels in the micro WAVE TO THE CAMERA! SURFING THE WAVES WITH WAYNE ON A SEE?DO?

And with “The My Minimalist Diet” the only liquid you can drink is water (in bottles or from the tap-water ) or lemon / lime water at a restaurant, where you could also order a healthy salad with predominantly-inherently instantly interesting things that zing! and with only lettuce and the only salad dressing would be EVOO = lettuce and olive oil, hmm what else?  Well mostly you’d drink water, eat white rice, have plain unflavored protein-powder, eat cooked hamburger alone, unflavored, take a multivitamin and caffeine pills to give our bodies energy, and calcium pills for healthy bones, no apples, no bananas, no berries, but plenty of nuts I have my nuts stored, from a store Hannafords that sells groceries: bread cheese olive-oil, “Why I aughta!” EVOO extra virginity olive oil because I’ve never been with a virgin! Like Justine had some “experience” with working her internal vaginal muscles to sweet squeeze the head of the tip all over her stomach muscles of toothbrush bristle brushing the off-white chompers with all-right choppers in the air as I’m being sir Veil Lance Armstrong with a yellow LIVESTRONG bracelet on each wrist- left and right so tight like those not “in the know” in the now as I appear un-like a clown with nightmares of Stephen King’s “It” with the clown all around and the tarantula spider, oh why was Stephen King a writer? AFTER A TRAUMATIC CAR ACCIDENT WHERE HE KILLED A BLACK FAMILY OF FIVE WITH A D.U.I. !!!!! I’m not so sure about that last bit, but here’s a tip, don’t have scars on your face!  Yeah instead top off a Tiph with the tip of a balls-on-point head, he said to the prick and dangling out of his or her mouth, a solemn tooth-pick, double-pointed and here’s a pointer for her, you your make up is smearing and your stank vagina is making me fearing, or you could just blow me on my couch, put it in your MOUTH, singing a song so long, my length of the lesson of thee, let’s make a family tree!

Do you like my poetry ???

There are Prose and ex-con’s mowing front lawns, felching with ferrets and Green Berets on campus grounds but not Ground Zero, the policemen and firemen are heroes!

Whilst you knows?

About that see, I know how to be, not getting too much muscle working out as I try to be thin with my strength as a writer and sitting-up still on a decline bench, do it in a cinch! and pinch an inch of pink skin on the outside and “we’re all pink on the inside” where I wear my underwear never dirty, even with the squirting! I’m not one to do much flirty-flirty-flirting for 40 yards deep on the Rake and Run with my Church, the choir bizarre and able to fit in zip-up gowns, not afraid of clowns, but no clouds in the sky as I cry to you, “NO CLOWNING AROUND!”

Bread from the Munster’s Lurch, yes, and cheese from the Church, listed, along with Pam (of Baywatch on my 3rd Movado)  to spray the fryer-pan on the stove with a treasure trove and truce of Bruce, Fenton who made me earn so much money through my stocks in previous years through my cousin Daniel M. Besse who controls my money. I paid him with $120 or $140 to put in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, XRP, Dogecoin, etc. to buy me a house near my home and a 1999 Ferrari F355 F1 with red paint and a tan leather interior... just beautiful, a beautiful car, for $90,000 or so for a nice one with low miles, I watched a recommended video on YouTube because I honestly plan on owning one later in life, when I have the most money and a new Subaru Outback XT “Onyx” edition or “Limited” brand new being a Subaru/Japanese vehicle type of model-looking thinness I don’t take any ephedra or diet pills but caffeine pills and Citrical calcium with many sit-up’s done on my decline bench in my main room upstairs! But who cares ??

21+ only!

I want to be with a girl who has adopted Sobriety from alcohol and opiates and anti-depressants that aren’t Zoloft, because I’d love a happy young girl who’s 21+ or mature but not old, when I’ve been very interested in, as well as benefiting from the many “Anti-Aging Supplements and Foods” with amino-acids making me party like it’s 1999 Ferrari 360 Modena, or that F355 that I caught a YouTube video of comparing the two beautiful cars, as I ask a girl to pull a card from the deck and I guess what it is, dun dun dun, that’s not a card- IT’S OUR CEASE AND DID MY STEP-SISTER, big online, them passionate videos, or I bet some sick Satanic gay faggot pleasured himself to “The Passion” about Jesus Christ who I know he’s not God over Humanity because I’m good smart about “Parthenogenesis” that is kept hush-hush because no one believes in Jesus anymore, or it’s just me with my God and the many visions of My Universe and OUR universe that we all share, and simply like only like just... because I made it to God Himself The Father with my greatest lover ever, UNEQUIVOCALLY, is Justine my love I had a Heavenly experience from 7 hours of tight sex when I reached in front of God Himself The Father at the edge of space, and I made it through Him only because I pointed to the edge of space saying, “Justine take me to God!” and thanks to her Mom’s honesty about how we make love, her V was pumping fluids and leaving a slimy sticky wet-liquid on my bottom sheet of paper in the Newspaper: “Boy makes it beyond God with his Disabled left side of his body!”

18 is when you’re allowed to purchase tobacco, and while I spoke and smoke Bugler tobacco, speaking out of a “Bugle” just to bug you !!!

A bugle, like the musical instrument stuck down my throat with a small camera and I had my great Soliloquies on, that was part of a progression from to and now with much content from 2007 online and totally viewable on

And there was the corn chip carb snack that stank to the vicarious distance accelerating in a TANK rolling down 5th Avenue with brand new oil balsamic bank balance with balloons for you on your birthday Larry Bird day when the soldiers in that serious TANK have M-16’s and canteens with water (spiked with Santa null) to sip on while their asses sit on a “banch” a bench in France where my many thousands of dollars sit laying patient for me the patient with patience for the nurses in the I.C.U. with a pornoTube “a tube” poo up my ass because I was so gosh darn injured with Heavy weight before I crashed!

I cried, hours after a room of people all made fun of how fat I’d become, drinking, not doing Coke Zero instead having Sugary “Pour your sugar on me, and get enough of nothing at all as my vim to why the whim of my prude but pretty ex-girl to the next-girl I want to marry her and if she’s gained a couple pounds I’m going to put her on “My The Minimalist Diet” with plenty of pills without Fat Burners like Xena-trim DIN ZING! DING! A pig is a Hog rider poor and portraying a guessed in a municipal movie moving on Mondays, this after the weekend when we when we when we GO...  to earn pay-checks with phat cash moolah sings the cow with the cattle-bell dinging like Chandler Bing on friends with a ring for the doorbell to sound, but only on the weekend, long after Monday nearer to Thursday the Mon-eyyy day with a mute midget in the museum singing Monet painting pictures on a camera with Photography I taking “Graphic” photos of mathematical graphs with X, Y, Slope you dope this the one money maker here with her, with Ember, so slim like a Slim Jim you chomp chew on while you unlock your car you care for with a metal hook thing you slip down the side of the window too wonder, where are my keys?  And what is going on with my “Life-Lock” on Norton 360 and my safe at home where I want my parents to load it with my heart-working hard hooligans’ money I made with “Crypto-Currencies”!

I knew I’d be repaid for every tear I cried at home, the pain of my left hip and left leg I got no painkillers for, THANK GOD ALMIGHTY!

“Revealation”:  IF YOU GET TWO GIRLS PREGNANT AND THEY HAVE BABES, AND YOU CAN’T PAY CHILD SUPPORT BECAUSE OF YOUR OPIATE AND ALCOHOL HABITS, well maybe you still go to heaven/hell if you’re nice and say nighty-night to your princess sugar queen with her diet being great, eating just enough  to fill your belly and sipping water with lemon at a restaurant, where you go to UNO’s and never order their yickey deep dish “Trish the Dish” pizza Trish was skinny and had a nice body, having calmed down and made a good person of herself and Justine’s Mom is a good person too — Linda is great!

The rim of a March of Tini “ Ara “ ...or the rim of a Martini sing it Ari! I cleaned up my habits of swishing the swill of swinging with The Swingers’ capricord not a sword or the S word say SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! BABY, SHIT! says from the lips of an old hard-working whore who consoles a Constipated Conspiracy theories of the Trump and the what else can be said: “Karma” every tear I cried, that year in my recovery 2005 it was a hair-brained man who takes Zoloft and Propecia for a professional appearance on The Apprentice I appreciated Trump on that show me the money at my bank in France as Marquis is French and Justin had a “Marquis” AIM name like I was “Jeffrey Marquis” with my real name, PLEASE not this “Jeffry” name they had me win win in the hospital with a win/win distinction as per my discretion and the disclosure of a confession of what I have done wrong, BUT I DID NOT TRY TO KILL MYSELF IN 2004 my accident of dents to my WRX by Subaru the TURBO big and powerful, maybe too big for such a small car, and I had wide rims with grippy rubber, so tie on a rubber, college boys, and girls carry a condom for emerging emotional enduring the waiting periods girls have when some girls have to have an operation, with the Dr.’s caring for me with road flares in their offices, saying to the nurse, “This boy has a “Mammoth Man” crotch! Wow wee! Wow a weenie! KATCH-UP on the grille in the backyard backdoor boys roaring roasting toasting “BBQ Weeniers” with why the whiners, why do they do this to the protected people pumping wrist-watches while wheeling up like Flex Wheeler (look him up) the star-bodybuilder on the cover of “Hardcore Bodybuilding” like my GNC boss was into working out so much at gyms, and speaking of gyms Oh I know Jim Cassidy, Jim Chase, and Jim Moreau but he is not a Slim Jim, an exorbitant eater of the fatty foods like NO WEINERS FOR JIM!

Becoming something with Tender Loving Care on channel 51 I’m giving my Dad 51% of my “Crypto-Currencies” earnings when I choose to sell them later in life, once they’re worth more!

Look up and Look Out being in The Loop with a Loopy Parrot eating Fruit Loops like big O ’s of all colors of a Tropical nature, nature’s Tropical Storms leaving restaurant-goers stomping their feet out the door as the food came cold and they said something about “The stove going out.”

BVD’s I’ve never worn their underwear, the crotch was too tight, ass I as I need some more room down there, down stairs, to DEBASEMENT is a bad thing in, insulting speeches of me being left speechless in this document I’m writing and IT’S ONLY MEDIOCRE!

I need to develop a roll of Kodak and develop my writing into becoming something-MORE than dilly-dally words with Sally and Ally in the Alley without The Nation’s allies because they are lying!

I’d dig kisses on thick lips, not Carina’s thin ones, yeah more like Jess’s au naturels and less like Lisa’s who got too much Botox with Bob the neighborhood-Bowtox “Bo-talks” BOTOX that Demi Moore is so old and Bob does Botox injections in his garage with his Damar Printing 3’x5’ sign out front on his lawn  (he “mode” with a more-er...) FREE BOTOX FOR BEAUTIFUL BABES WITH BODACIOUS BODIES! I creep at her with my stature. I am not a creep. But I would creep on my Facebook-crushes in 2006-2010 remaining online to chat with me the nice chap with lubricated lips but not from the lubricant Swiss Navy, not that but something else I assure you the CHAP-stick doing my lips so lovely with a kiss-kiss-kiss and a Donald Trump Tweet with a twist of lemon and lime, ol’ Trumpy is maybe Grumpy the goose-lingo with all of this sticky-string though a tampon, oh it’s ON, with the off-switch negated by the negroes who assure the classy white family they’re not leaving with their iPhones to E.T. phone home with Mum-ski ’n’ Pops who’s popping corn with “My The Minimalist Diet” I will try to stick out with my Delicious olive-oil alive and coming at you with a peaceful presents on Christmas Day eating ham and cheez with Milano cookies to say please, I beg you, buy me a new Outback XT! It’s impressive zero to sixty!

Real quick, so, race your friends but only on Track Day at the Orpheum for more opiates and Fentanyl, signed with a Quill and an Insulin pin — I don’t do that, so trouble I’m not in!

Nothing bought to boost my Testosterone, and no one here does that exercising, so I’m not alone, except when I sit on my 69 Love Seat all warm, I’m alone

Stanozolone is a bad drug I know from all of the Muscular Muscle Deb-elopment but not to “elope” as my parents got married before I was born, I could have sworn on Wayne’s Sword such blessed seminal fluid all along I knew it, “MOM AND DAD YOU HAD SEX TO CREATE ME!” And I was elated (a la elope they didn’t), so swerve your swinging sauce to drip the catsup pussy-woo seminal flu... “Yes Jeff, yes son, Mom and Dad had sex,” according to my Mom who gave me the give’t dove birth... with Dove soap Justine would wash her face, free of zits and with ample bosomus belittle be so little, so short, Justine was bare of a retort! So she would vacation with me at a resort for a time not too long, but not too short! and without hard white coke to snort!

Keep your noses clean, with no white powder to be seen, and blowing out the boogers with a handful of Hershey’s Gushers, being chewed on for a little snack by the Pipe Master Plumber sitting on a clean toilet bench, and with a finger up his knows, he knows, no one knows (he’s doing this) (to take his life...) (ON THE MASS PIKE!) to keep your hair, and keepers keeping the keepsake in ship-shape on the USS Molasses in Topeka, Kansas, crowning the jeweled Jewish monarch-wife with plenty of hormonal strife, and not to mention, IRATE I.B.S. for keeping the crap off of the tushy, me a wuss??? You must be!

Swisher fish-flush the Goldfish down the drain as I try to refrain from using my dental retainer and braces your self for a deep impact of a deep dental implant like Misses Donna hue I miss you!  When I call you up and you talk about your pup and ask him “what’s up?” and along with your deceased and certified-goodperson Sarita may she lay in Heaven for all keeping the promises of a divine figuring figurine wouldn’t it figure:  From the heart to the trigger, you’ll always be my nigger as we proceed to produce the production of the promo with what? WHO KNOWS? 

Come to me with a phat bottle 750mL of Hennessy being a company “Motorsports” that tunes Dodge Vipers with her tears, I’ll wipe hers here clean and those shimmering spectacles simply spectacular with perfect for a Speech Therapy at Fairlawn, thereafter mowing the lawn, at home, where I was in “The Zone” at my home where I’d use my family’s Bowflex eating Lucky Charms out of a cereal bowl, in my bow to the owls ahead in the avenue leading a dump-trick to rid it of soil the middle-east has the oil, so as not to spoil, the gasoline prices are shimmering like icy pieces of “ices” fresh lingo playing Bingo, the resolute retards here, some of them nice, like the new woman, and get on the treadmill by mu own will (that I set a goal to use the treadmill here for 21+ minutes with my digits hitting the “RUN!” Button in red like Panic! But only at the Disco, for those who are “in the know” now- I want it NOW MOMMY AND DADDY, GIVE THE BABY HIS BITCOIN!

I did it by the decade, so when I turn 40 or 50, I like the spliff to be lit by me, spitting gack, and the back spits back, by the bridge of the bay- we have a nice day, what do you say? Thank You and Please I don’t have a disease, so I rest on my MyPillow (recommended by Trump), and I am below the ceiling with a lingering feeling of having written me so good me write words on typing pecks at the birdseed and have you seen?  My belly is big, this while I’m not a pig!  Too many fish oils they don’t spoil, when I keep them in the fridgrerater that is greater with a cold freezer as I pluck my eyebrows with tweezers, like these old geezers at nursing homes with nurses, now I’m writing verses, like Hulk Hogan and like 

“oh here we go again!” :::

Oh lol and La Di Da Di, I like this party — in words of a page to the beeper on the online Facebook “Creeper” Jeff M. inem the white rapper of flamboyant festivities fine to read, if you’re good at “Thinking” about what to do next in my text? Scroll to the bottom of the page if you want to hear the punchline while throwing no hits to bits, drinking the PUNCH with Hawaii 5-0 on patrol in the pistol-packing got-your-backing attacking the negroes in “Da Hood” while drinking so much of, this, coffee, pull into a gas station to piss your urine into the yearn-it-all with Allah glad to see you through and through, so physical, the physics of tight-intercourse a smorgasbord of the senses with contact lenses piquing interest in intercourse on a golden golf course with the Buggy swing the pitch and get a “bogie” in the sand of the land or at sea, if you really want to see what I’m hiding, come to my MARIJUANA GROW FACTORY IN THE BARN!

As a cat plays with yarn, on the rake and run so much fun, in people’s yards with pitchforks I’ll tell you where I’ll rake the leaves if you promise you’re not going anywhere, when I’m not done...

The green light drops and we’re off with sparks from the motor-iron cylinders cycling like Lance and “Stretch Armstrong” we live long lives with 40 wives or make it 69 to make it there in her undies the “Thong” to a sing-song so long for the engine to breath, Netanyahoo’s sleeve, not to be seen by anyone mean... this writing, I just vomited up my spleen, now not to be seen as I scooped up the mess with paper towels, I hear the staff in HOWLS! WITH THAT OWL! On AOL in The Garden of Eden with what you see when I tell you, “I mean it!”

Elf on a Shelf the Sirius X-Mas special with Kim on the world stage — Kardashian, that is... putting me “in a trance” with her big breast implants, and not to forget Vote Lance!

Serious cheater the French he’s gonna beat her, over and under the head, hours before blowing out the candles and going to bed, so bad:  abuse  — the wives’ tailbones are Obtuse with fat asses so Obese it scares away the forest geese! And minestrone’s milestones in the bottom of the bowl of soup, before dinner, this meal is a winner, a milestone of a chef’s achievement, something sweet “bereavement” oh dam for the Beaver making a nest of wooden barrels, but of monkeys dancing with bells on this hell is on, and it’s hot, so drop the pot and bang the pans, this writer has some big plans!

Mixing mixer mingling at the sinful “singles” club for swingers, who’re using protection, and under a gynocologist’s inspection checking clear to intertwine with a lover but probably drinking wine at the mixer and I know how to fix her! ... with a fix of the sugar on her candy and cane’s are chains of Cane-sugar all over my body that’s clean all over, with no warts in-between my boxers and boxer-briefs and CK black briefs, good grief! ... I don’t have any STD’s thank you doctor please!

A celebration of the arts when a tubby Teletubbie farts with a mystical missed in the air, without a care, but Mamma Bear is pissed — and she X’d it off her list! — AS SHE MAKES A FIST!

Hot mama, use your powder on your tushy, it’s where the whoosh is supposed to be, or maybe not with the Zingo-Single-Lingo playing Bingo, the retards here, but I’ll be in my apartment getting not-bent and without spending a single cent, on my Bank of America Debit Card, as my Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, with the “Averte” retards!

Only an ovary is over me, I owe you my Bee with a Honeycomb cereal for your hair, and if you’re completely bald, I don’t care, for I give you no pity to please me and my innermost hatred of a cancer drunk by no means a “Hunk” battered from terror he feels no splendor, spent money on therapists and lingo as we go, so stop right there, because I CARE... about only me... and my Marquis Family!

Curtail your frivolous fronting as the happy hamster with smelly pee soaks the wood chips so pleasantly with a biological need, I miss Hampy and hemp, so I want to help my Grammy!

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Alx Neas I miss you!


About the thing that makes me sing, I cry the notes honestly, no lie, while eating pie, chocolate chip, it eases the pain in my left hip: 7 pieces shattered to the bone, and I want to live with Dad and Mom at home, Charlton Mass, a donkey is an ass, on that of my sweet last lass, but in a mental-hospital- she was so cordial, on the phone, dial at the dial-tone, with my clean fingers, my digits unable to play the piano, like My Mom Deborah does the duty of playing a sweet tune at the most, and I hit a post, being a telephone pole, and making a call, how how I do it?- I do it for it all, and Allah my Delivery to Him, I pointed straight up just as a whim, my way of instructing all Allah, and now not knowing him anymore, although I still want to Score!

And the New England Patriots are the champions, like Hampy runs behind the fridge, catched soon after I was filled with laughter- mighty adventure my little friend, for you are in my clutches, it was not the end, pellets being your munchies, and running in your wheel- how does it feel? Going so fast, spin-spin-spin, I thought I had seen you last!

I give you, the remaining straw to swallow your swish, the sweet 5% swill, run of the mill with Mr. Miller of The Geneva Plantation, all across the Nation!

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Breathe in the fresh country air, with a little pollution, on Facebook click “Care” JOIN THE REVOLUTION!

Round about the way we proceed to-day and during the briefings wearing Briefs, so I’ll be brief with you, Hootie hold my hand all through the land of the California Dreamin’ feely dreamy and despondent making no sense in the world of my girls left-and-write about these beautiful beauties a la fully-clothed and covered in curves as the car swerves, the fish-hooks have worms, really reeling in the big bass in the lake, I like Frosted Flakes better than Wheaties for the MMJ cereal we have “Weedies” in that old joke, as Facebook did away with the “Poke” that had me woke, at the wake of waking days, and how bizarre are the “Gays” ?????

I was penetrated by a man, first by his hand, I didn’t like, and on the way to teach my Christian High School Saint John’s- he would drive on the Mass Pike, with a drink but not spiked, I told my “Justine Aragona”, my female match with an untainted snatch, cheating on me but once I told her: TAKE A HIKE!” Going to Lake Morey, once with Elijah, where now does he lie? Or lay crunching a bag of Potato Chips let it ride, hold on tight, getting ill in your tummy, wouldn’t that be funny, or taking Tums you have that right?

Behold my textual treasure, it is my pleasure- oh I’m a tease, and I usually say “Please.”

Staying up at night, with no Bud Light-  many anti-depressants like Zoloft and Haloperidol and Xanax I enjoy many snacks, along with Calcium twice a day, said to improve mood, jumping on a car’s Hood, a prime provider of 1% chocolate milk, I slurp, I don’t burp, along with protein shakes, I have no dander with “flakes” and Jack Frost-strain from a Hempire of the Empire of “roaming on your phone” that’s all done with, with nation-wide maps of cellular service, Sunday mornings I’d enjoy at the Charlton Federated Christian Church, hot in the summer, warm in the winter, minimal heat, occasionally on Sundays I’d sleep, then eating breakfast Special K cereal without “Frost” on Flakes of snow coming down, you know, when once about life/death births and funerals, time passes, retire and expire, like the date on the chocolate milk from Hood, and I’ll tell you what’s good: I am a good person, maybe even GREAT - predicting the success of “crypto-currencies” and GameStop stocks, having used my own money, the Deftones great album “White Pony” rereleased as “Black Stallion” how many dollars? Maybe a million! Billion Trillion Star Trek Tribbles with Aunt Donna dancing a wiggle!

My Dad and Mom are my "Health Proxy", and what's this about Britney Spears' "Conservatorship"? -- my millionaire Dad says he doesn't have that power over me, but I love my Dad and he gives me advice!

Cat pounce as we all bounce to and fro and hither nether, nei-ther, over there standing up straight and behind the tree, so don’t you see ???

You have to use your imagination unless you’re a telemarketer, oh what a chore, would you like to save 25% at a store ??? Or more

This and that with a rat-tat-tat of the laymen in line to get a nifty tat’ at the Taboo Shoppe, with bondage, Bond’s age, bong worthy?

21+ for recreational special physicals for the elders of the elderly like the white-haired women in the Clergy ,

Toot the flute to the tune of a Sirius radio XM song as we go along so to proceed and you give me what you need !!!

Stay on track or the MMA fighter will give you an upper-cut smack, he or she is on the Attack, of panic like I’m Manic — I’m the man with the planet in transit translucent traditions terrific sweetie-sweet-pits, of applied anti-perspirant, but don’t make me go off on a Rant... or up the ramp onto the highway when we all go my way, too high up I don’t think so with one lonely city of itty-bitty (Hi Betty!) hemp from the farm -yes- a phat stack of CBD with absolutely clean of debris... the CBD... ABSOLUTELY NO THC!

This wavelength of prose for professional pro’s reading this prose (when I’m famous), but it’s like they say, “Come one, come all” oh I love it-  it’s great anyone reading this is white as in Caucasian and wealthy being worthy of a laptop with an internet connection, I have no infection, under the radar, with no detection, but not being “a sick fuck” in any way shape or form of coming once or coming all, with Frito-Lay chips I am free to get laying on the beach, in full, as we twiddle-dee and twiddle-don’t, with Double-D ’s and Christmas Trees

On December 25th waking up with Folger’s in your Cup of a couple cupcakes clean in the case at Starbucks where “Can you spare some change?” maybe some bucks for the lively bucking Bronco’s-  as we see Orenthal-James Simpson in his white Ford one, with a beat up wife and Kato the layman we do what we can to keep the zipping lingo as you should check your “Fly” says the airline captain with a missy-miss-miss Steward-ness of the Loch Monster under lock and key I want to be free to come and free to go Frito-Lay-O benzinga bending backwards in the psych-wards, circa years ago, with a copywriter typewriter chatting at the camber of the vehicle’s suspension, compensating for the pot in holes, a la divots in the road, with Divorce? I hope not, but Tini Ara sign this pre-nup!

I wonder if Justine has her nipples pierced, or somewhere down south, like Georgia The Virgin state soon-to-be open to mate!

Some Daiquiri Justine I hope not, dazed, and never drunk, she carved a her face in my heart, why oh why are we Apart?

Brace for impact of teeth whitener decaying my poor enamel, as I spell my name, with the R-E-Y  oh we are hopefully about to soon press “Restart” not having a babies, our TBI’s may result in a “Retard”!

I treat her to Kid’s Meals at UNO’s don’t you know? I recall the days of yore and baby your body I cannot stop staring, so naughty

Nitey-Nite Nick at Night we just might play Sponge-Bob Square Pants or wear bracelets of the disgraced Lance, although LIVING STRONG with a yellow tint, my Spider-Man #365 is Mint — the first appearance of Venom we spit words with a disagreement as per the rampant drinking alcohol consumption of what this hither Junk-SHUN “with junk in the trunk of a Honda Civic Si or preferably an able bodied body with a sweet lass plump cheeks on her ass, plump cheeks on her face, hopefully not drinking or O.D.’ing on smack like Dave, never been to a rave, with good reviews on the Cinema Previews: colossal characters looming overhead, hauling overboard, on the Starship System of aliens galore, with “life-forms” in store, they’re waiting at the door for more-more-more!

Ring the bell or knock the wall, down the front-stairs I didn’t fall — ever since November 2004

This of you I implore: don’t waste space in God’s universe we’ll be outta here soon and in the back of a Hearse, do you read my Verse?

You might think I’m suicidal, as I sigh oh me- oh my- that I’m content with the contemptuous contemporary and hopefully only tempted by the delerium tremens from my Trauma of a brain injury a phat stack of poker chips and Bitcoins!

Scratch tickets you make me itch, like this bitch at Kinney Drugs scratched off the “VOID” bar and now it’s worthless like that old wench, just “ratchet” with Rachael  Michael  Seal ,  this I can feel, pinching and twisting the twisted killer kneels before the capo japo Walter as he Falters from the top of the staircase at the bottom to make a great “catch” it’s Reverend Chase!

As D-Rock hits the pedal to accelerate, he glances over at his date... now it’s not too late!   

But this has gotten long enough and I’m sure you’ve had it — had it a bit? — have a bite ? NITEY-NITE!

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

I like beautiful girls with the name: "Felicia" lol

 Selena Gomez, I want you to know this

Of all of the glorious glory-holes in Tantric sex clubs, I’ve never prescribed to “Club” magazine, and now it’s no where to be seen, strictly taken out of gas stations, different placement, all throughout our great Nation!

For the dirtiest of all whores, licking and rubbing with a little middle finger, go fiddle-fiddle, Fuddling with the Fucking to and fro from whether-whince-once I put it where it didn’t belong in a man, oh man- oh man- oh man- I do what I can, and although I did what I did (and didn’t do…) I want you to know, I LOVE YOU, DOCTOR CANDIDO AND JUSTINE ARAGONA, so “get me off” the hitch of my cock, you bitch, hitchhiking hagging and flagging down a Ford with an American Flag, on the bumper sticker and the plot gets thicker, thick as The Qur’an, all through the span, but without Spicks or Hicks, it is the minimal races who have I the tooth-picks to pick on, and on and on, as the light goes green, I’m all clean. And I’m all sober since 2016 I got my learners permit on my birthday, that I remember was a Thursday

And Laurie Griffin, I want you to know that I greatly appreciate you moving a mile away, having bought you gifts, you beauty you with a small trim bum, that I like, I like, I love, and your little daughter Grace, take she can take a hike! Oh how I dislike children in car-seats on the Mass Pike, and Laurie, your drink, it I won’t spike with shots of liquor, as you taste my creampie in the ass, you beautiful lass!

ASS ASS ASS ASS bring on your ass for me to demonstrate your taint, and the tainted men’s room, that two times I’ve had a swoon with a lady there, both in the ASS ASS ASS ASS, that Laura would taste, my spermy-wormies, they didn’t go to waste! *gulp* with Forrest Gump running races, and doing all the paces, with a prick-ante pacing the Pace salsa and chips…

Room for a salad,

Don’t be mad,

For I am glad.

So Glad there’s some trash in the bag of the canister, hold onto the banister, or you’ll flip, oh how to trip, alas the LSD lightship with my shattered left hip, ouch, and I’ll pump you in the crouch on the couch so coochie-coo I see you! Do you see me (at Averte?) it’s where I want to be, all me, me me!

Ala a crash the system I missed them, then, but that’s enough with that as I put on my Top Hat from Breaking Bad, all the seasons I had, and have, so cruising the Ave. And you? I wonder what’s new??? *sneeze* ah - choooo

But I’m not through

From whence-came the fortnight sleeping in a fort, the mission, hmm? The mission in the missionary and not to abort!

The only coffee here is decaf

The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup as the cup overfloweth with some old “Fogie” fool covered in drool, he sips the cup and he’s now had enough, with more than an ample sampling with stellar altitude, giving some blondie sweet-tits some heavy attitude!

Do you work a job?

Are you employed?

And have you ever heard of “CO-WORKER PLUS BENEFITS?”

My oh my, who am I? …but Jeffrey Marquis I’m easy to see, so open your eyes for a big surprise, and let the sun rise early in the morning, this in the Spring (Seasoned yeast, baking bread is the baker, lying on his taxes, what a faker!)

Low-cut tops for the heavy beaver be-bops about to be trounced with less than an ounce of the greed bud, why wasn’t I arrested when I fell in the mud ??? I went Thud, and Splash, I hadn’t smoked that day and there was zero ash, in my pipe, I just might, put up a fight!

I’m not a killer and Michael Jackson “Thriller” with Tales from the Crypt — “oh currencies” — I believe I’ve spoken to a billionaire or two, and I’d rather write text for all of you! my loyal readers with royal treatment coming from me, I want you to see, all of this supreme-prose comes so easily !!!!!

Mark Z.

Elon M.

Smell my piss and make a mighty fist, as the worst is yet to come... dun dun dun