Friday, December 14, 2012

Short Poems 3

I quit Facebook at the right time before God would hold me accountable for the school shooting in CT that occurred today...

Seriously, I heard that this would happen at a certain time, and I would know when I had to quit Facebook...


I'm supposed to "lay low" until I see great things in my life beginning to happen, maybe a new girlfriend for example... I'd love Allyson back !!!

I understand that I can write on the net, and talk with my Minister, but I can't use Facebook after this happens... There's something special about it and it's why my "status" has always been entwined with my soul...


I breathe in the lay of the land like a prophet, and if I'm ever nervous you should be too -- for something is about to go wrong for all of us... Hopefully it doesn't (just saying...)

Short Poems 2

Collapsing and relapsing watch the man sing his last notes -- he's digging an early grave and we all pity this worthless cigarette smoker... Do it like that, that way bringing in the carcinogens, and no one will miss you when you're gone !!

Gone and gone, and gone -- you're a goner !!

I'm sure you know it's coming -- dying first in your G. Family, never seeing your children's weddings... None of that goodness -- we went to the same church but now you're Godless... It's a shame...

I know you're screwing with my laptops...

Trying to fuck me over with "Imprinting" well it's not happening !!! for I am the only one who makes the decisions. And I am a good soul, the best, unlike gay druggie Alex Kozlov, that's for damn sure !!!

Evidently I'm running things with the choices and decisions I make, and with what I pray for -- I have nothing against the masses, at all, so continue to love each other as you do...

Short Poems 1

Bruises are forever,
Everlasting hurt,
You need to look deep into someone's eyes... Can you see it ???

The hammer hits the nail,
And the nail must take it,
Is that how it should be ??
((( give me all the power, yes !! )))

Let everything favor me,
Yes God make it continue,
Killing off my enemies,
And causing everyone to be on my side !!!

I know I'm abrupt, and frank,
But I'm sick of my enemies,
And their FALSE CLAIMS !!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Skip to Soliloquy003.htm

Please skip down to one titled Soliloquy003.htm, it's my best work !!! ( hi everyone )

Friday, November 23, 2012

I love the fact that I don't write "titles" for anything I write... it takes little talent to write a title, except maybe to make a clever one or something for a book... not a poem...

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Now and then, sometimes once and again, I pick up my pen,
I'll write some magic at the bar, the one across the street from me...

And eventually I'll type it into my computer, but it's a real pain,
I wouldn't feel comfortable with a laptop in here, it needs no refrain .

So I type it into my blogspot, and I promise I won't stop !!
This bitch the bartender I would totally like to "bop" .

I come here and I write, isn't that just right ??

Friday, November 16, 2012

A: My memory is so bad...
B: How bad is it ??
A: How bad is what ???

Monday, November 12, 2012


"Most people are so ungrateful to be alive.
But not you , not anymore ."

— Saw   (soliloquy003.htm)

As per my abolishment of all picture-tube screen-staring I've only seen bits 'n' pieces of the horror flick—yet this line jumped out at me SCREAMING, Jeff that rings a perfect note of truth since your accident !!
Look at me.  My hobbies.  This.  Not watching television.  Not reading about shit to buy.
When the police officers and paramedics who arrived at the scene of my crash didn't think I would make it ;
when local Ministers prayed over me expecting I'd never make it past baby food ;
and when I've cut out the shit hobbies (Cars, Brand Names, Etc. ) to instead offer my SOUL for any who care to listen ,

do you think I take my time for granted ??

I almost lost everything .
I was so close to gone .

Trust me , you cannot imagine what my life FEELS like. The sensation of a bright fate and destiny to meet with providence strums my heartstrings to the tune of a harpsichord. An awareness of the aspirations I must achieve runs rich in my arteries. Now getting personal on you , every so often an overwhelming extrasensory commotion lurks amid my soul with a message of Oh it's all going down baby !!

Your time is up on planet Earth !!
It's all over !!
It's all going down to Chinatown !!

—but then it recedes down to a peaceful tranquility and I feel only the warmth of the sun on my skin with ideals still present in my mind offering solace, reminding me I DO hold a promising future of gathering more fans—YES FANS—people who take fuck minutes out of their day to see what I think—strangers who communicate Jeffrey I like your stuff !!

And not to mention making my body wow-wow-wow powerful and even more po-po-po potent during the next couple years while I continue to grow in size and strength !! ain't thatta right I'm planning on sum Arnold Schwarzenegger shit with my corporeal self being squeaky clean and tested free of chemicals and steroids , with more than enough oomph offered and stealing ladies' attention when my aura of authority causes boyfriends everywhere to clam up .

"This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time."

I know EXACTLY what that means !!  People do you remember when I emerged from the hospital and then said everything felt new again ?? " Second-Firsts " I shared that with you back in early 2005. Even the uncomfortable (i.e. freezing temperatures since all I knew was the stoic room-temperature of the hospital. . . ) felt like miracles to me. I hadn't stayed out late or burned my hand on the stove.

Or this.
Or that.
Or fruitfully danced the five-digit disco !!

The sun is setting. And the clock is ticking.
And I'm not wasting my time. That's for damn sure.
Oh wow this is really taking me back. . .

I'm positive many of you feel pity for the bruised Me and wonder "How is he able to go through life in such unflattering condition and smile about it ?? " Yeah and if that's the case FUCK YOU   BUT. . .
It's precisely the reason why I care nothing about Ferrari and instead wish to live a life doing something, this right here creating a lot inventing numerous eternal artifacts which hold relevance to our American lifestyle present for any to enjoy free of cost and so I may possess works of art to showcase while improving this forte. Not to mention transforming my body into something envied and speaking volumes of my perseverance through remaining resolute when faced with a HEAD-FUCK of traumatic proportions.

Do you remember how I'd announce my disgust with status-y items when I returned from Fairlawn ?? well it's STILL the case and I have "perspective" to thank. Yes evidently I'm not perceiving life in the same demeanor as you are (oh I call it Enlightenment. . . ) since I've adopted a transience liberated from Armani and instead with concern for my physical naked self aided by costless exercise and the internal desire of tuning solid muscle which I take with me WHEREVER I GO.
My powerful body allows me to feel powerful because I am powerful.

"Most people are so ungrateful to be alive.
But not you , not anymore ."

Ask me about my Near-Death Experience !!

People this is what I do with my spare time for fun. I may anticipate well over 100 persons reading whatever I post on my bulletin board within a week. Weeeee. And I'll expect several hundred individuals to skim down the front-page each month. Eeeeee. The lot of you haven't read a goddamn novel for kicks since childhood—yet you'll peruse my text and check on me through words recurrently like a compulsive addiction—now don't you think it's rather special that I've gathered so much interest while resurrecting a dead hobby ?? and bringing to life this variable aptitude in the process ??

Christ I've seen how MOST OF YOU WRITE LIKE GODDAMN RETARDS wow I have no idea what was taught in your English Composition classes. None of my friends send me email !!   People convey shock when I demonstrate rare morsels of tight vocabulary , "What did he just say ?? " So here's me begging you please when someone asks who your favorite author is announce, "Jeffrey Marquis he's just amateur but he's got some great stuff."

And you must keep in mind I've only taken THREE English classes since my storybook awakening !! thus I've mastered this textual expression through approximately one-thousand pages sketched in leisure hours for my own gratification !! and all the while taking extreme contentment in this flexible propensity that you have no hope of impersonating. Ask me what I did today and I'll hand you a small stack of single-space pages conveying brilliance.

You guys I just Failed my second Spanish I exam—with the first Flunk there to say Stay the fuck away from Me-hi-co—but I'm ACEing a Poetry II. And I got a B+ in a Creative Writing that would have been a dense A if I'd embraced the professor's counsel and resubmitted a manuscript of conversational dialogue he didn't ask for.   Shit.   And maybe I could smile that he isn't around any longer because our convergence in the hallway would result in a sick stomach—though perchance it would've been a good thing for word to have circulated around the English Department of a boy who shows such latent talent and oh-la-la creativity.

Amigos I cannot deal with the memorization of syntax from a new language without a source of translation in hand to offer designation—or frankly the BORING data found in History books shaping no consequence to my purposes—yes I've Failed two F'ing classes this latest Woo State semester.

Although the assorted factoids of our culture found in a successful a Communications colloquium intrigue me ;
any guidelines for healthy living with interest in the body and wellness rocks my socks , tickles my dick , etc. etc. ;
and knowledge important to the human race with each personality viewed only as an entity here to experience everything God gave us , it's what I consider important.
That's all I see as relevant .

Blab on about the Stock Market , I don't care , I don't need to
Call me dumb
I do okay without it

Comrades I sit here with this vigor of communing through my own organized facts and feelings to any figures who care to listen.
Can't you assess my sincerity when I tell you I wish to be a writer ??
Seeing as that I've crashed 'n' burned with two of my lecture-learnin' divisions don't you support my priority of developing into a qualified dramatist ??
Do you remember when I saw the light and picked up the LIFE-LONG GOAL of completing a full novel while I'm breathing ??
I sat up in my bedroom during the refractory hours of my masturbatory habit and pouring myself onto pages when I had the Calling.

Something I'll do before I'm gone forever .
An objet d'art speaking of myself eternally. .
Relics and Remains from the life of Jeffrey Marquis .

I express a lack of veneration at those who " CREATE " not a thing from personal passion or speaking from the psyche. I admire design.
Conception.  Invention.  Inspiration.  Formation from contemplation.  A lot from scratch.  Something tangible out of not-anything.

This is it .

Did you know I speak with God each and every single night as I catch a few 'z' s on a comfy bed with this splendid existence ??

You could view this as bragging but I'm telling you this zest I embody, inherently promoting self-applause and confidence , is exactly that—a realization I'm capable of so much—even with a permanent limp and goofy eyesight—so don't you dare rain on my parade or serve as a wet blanket when I announce :


Jeffrey Marquis
c. 2007

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Alive - feeling the fresh vigor of existence and the freedom to do as you please... perform as you wish to anyone and everyone.  The heart beating and with both lungs pumping air, allowing red blood cells to deliver oxygen, for vital functions to work as they do as they do as they do...

The internal workings of you !!!

Consider the complexity of procreation- the female body generating another.
Or puberty, with the body physically changing, like Aging.
Getting old, it's no fun to feel the wear 'n' tear of the environment.
I'm glad I'm relatively young, compared to my older relatives.
Ha!! but Unfortunately we are all nearing death. dun dun dun
Heaven awaits me, for I only live with respect for God.
Like everyone should- be thankful to be here, wherever you are,
maybe having sex, making Love, or otherwise masturbating...
That's good too tho, I won't knock that, for sure !!
Curvacious and Beautiful, she moves through the night,
Taking orders, pleasing customers with her smile,
Definitely into fitness, you know, "working out"
I can tell from her muscular appearance and low bodyfat.
"Sexy" is how I feel about her, and she should be proud.
This respectable Temptress does everything right
(it's why I tipped her $10 the last time I saw her !! )
Nothing is mightier
And there she goes again, no pizza for this girl
or NEVERMIND- she just said pizza was her favorite food,
but she hasn't had a slice here, that's a that matters...

I've had three... =( =( =(
Foretold mysteries and pastime endeavors
I hear you dearly my dear, just write me a letter.

With a quill with a feather on top, it will make your life better

Wanna get wet ?? and wetter ???
Just write me a letter !!!

Mail it to Oxford and play on your harpsicord,
I'll be there waiting...
with haters hating !!

Hate on this beautiful poetry, you fool,
Hate on your plate to dish it out.
And succumb to madness you fool.
No females will accept your tool !!

Ride the wavelength, the Orgasmic one

Steamin' for semen just like a good girl... Right ???
Equally dispelling smells
well do you happen to be very well ?

Fast like a bullet if you pull it,
the trigger that is *bang*

You're dead and now you've met,
God. Be respectful,

Hot moms and sweet charms,
take your pick and here's your MILF.
Alarmed, did he just say that ???

Melodious whistles and soothing piss-les
run through the thistles with them scraping your legs.

I don't play the lottery but it takes a lot of me.

Girls swoon, I wish, to get in my bedroom,
Bitch here's a broom !!

Ya See, I have a problem with mistreating Ladies like BOOM !!
Magnetic and Hypnotic I find the female form to be.
Sexy lace and pink camosiles,
Am I overstepping my boundaries ???

Ready to get fucked ??

So how's about the ways that you do.
That little thing you just did right there,
with your body, that thing, right ??

Put your body into it, do it right, do it low...
When the girl's ass hits the ground.

Drop it Low.

And get nekkid .
Do it for Daddy !!
Family-filled Camry's and magical carnations
on this the eve of a beautiful wedding.

Wed the wed the wed...

It's time to get wet,
down and dirty, subcutaneous,
how cute!! playing underwater.

Dolphins and endorphins letting us go !!!
Like that videogame "Ecco" about the dolphin,
Remember that??? it was back around 6th-grade for me.


But I had a very fun time playing that game at David Renaud's house

Hi Dave !!!

I'm a magical schpeel, and feel the way you feel,
For magic is the transience of existence.

But "Wicca" is for faggots, just saying... and lesbos...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Riches upon riches and wealth upon wealth,
is all this indulgence really good for my self ??

Millionaire parents never taking it easy,
their fat bank-accounts are leaving me a little queasy !!

Call me lucky, say I have the luck,
But I'm the one with the Traumatic Brain Injury, you close-minded fuck !!!
This is all for you and I'm taking the best avenue,
True and true, through and through,
I promise baby, this is all for you !!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sincerely and Dearly, my dear-

I want you to read this letter with bright thoughts of me,
so you and I can be - just be -

All the time.

Love is more than a frame of mind. - you will be mine !!

Physical, Tactile, and Real,
we'll go to your favorite restaurant for a meal.

Make a lot of noise,
with your feminine poise. Rock the poise for your boys !!

And if I'm the only boy call me Lucky,
when it comes time for some  oral sex !!!


Hot Sauce, Mac + Cheese, Coke Zero, Water

And I like the girl at the register,
Lemme know if you spot her !!

By now the line is moving and items are being scanned,
This is going just as I planned.


First Big Y, now Market Basket,
The customers are just wreaking havoc !!

I wonder how much the manager makes per year,
or can I buy you some roses my dear ??

But no beer !! I do that at the bar,
(and only at the bar very little, Mom and Dad....)

Back to supermarkets...

Feeling like some seafood ?? *sticks out tongue*
SEE ??? FOOD ??? but don't be rude, please darling
I'm choking on some throw up, and you need to grow up !! hun

See, I'm the one, the one who makes absolutely no sense,
And this means absolute nonsense...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Writing at my best while wearing a bullet-proof vest-
I promise you I do not jest,
even though I may be at a bar right now,
Oh how and how and how...

Alcohol settles the nerves, and I consider it Superb !!
I know drinking is bad, put up the red flag.
Red Alert on me, the one who drinks beer with glee,
But shame on me, Mom and Dad, I'm not trying to be bad !!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Have you seen the obscene scene in that movie we've just seen ??

Of course you have, you were there with me, cringing, wincing in pain, like a nail through your eye pain... It needs no refrain !!!

Ouch and ouch-a-roo, send some Percocets to you !!

Like my grandmother, she says Vicodin isn't strong enough anymore, so I recommended the stronger Percocet, which I only know about since I went to SJ, with pill-popping pill-heads being the most popular in the populous... Like Andy Donges !!! lol
Upper crusty schematics, now you've gotta have it
Creation upon creation, that's the mind of a man
Come up with a brilliant idea if you can...

Complexity at its greatest, any living creature,
Are you a bystander or are you the feature ???

In love with my words, I  have to say,
I refuse to have it any other way !!!
What better way to be ?? my mind is totally free

Withstand the hardships, you will only benefit
Push on harder, I know you can do it !!

Simple semantics with glorified meaning,
A twisty path, you will be careening !!

Drifting to the left, drifting to the right,
Oh lovely baby we can do this all night !!!
Riches upon riches and wealth upon wealth,
is all this indulgence really good for my self ??

Millionaire parents never taking it easy,
their fat bank-accounts are leaving me a little queasy !!

Call me lucky, say I have the luck,
But I'm the one with the Traumatic Brain Injury, you close-minded fuck !!!

Jealous ?? just call me disabled, I dare you
I've worked hard at my recovery, which you couldn't do

Owner of the Owner of the Owner,
but who runs it all ??? God of course !!

Twist the knob, here comes God, throw your hands in the air,
It's "Him", he who feels the loving vim.

Vim of vivacity for love and procreation, continued existence,
Birthing sons and daughters for a new generation.

Say it loud and say it proud, there's no rain in this cloud !!!

Sunshine and sunny days smiling ear-to-ear
Now comes in the music, can't you hear ??

It says "Don't Fear the Reaper" yes la-la-la--la-la

Romeo now is the time to find your Juliet !!!

But stay away from - it doesn't work, for me at least...
This is all for you and I'm taking the best avenue,
True and true, through and through,
I promise baby, this is all for you !!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Great dancer, Comet and Prancer
Sweet sexy Vixens of the night, come into my bedroom
My biological needs require you very soon

Kneading some dough, loving the carbs after a workout, ya know ??
And so and so and so, but I think it's time for me to go...

Yet we're not all through though - give it some thought.
Or maybe not... You aught...
The finality of frailty, it's all done and we're weak,
 Can you hear me ??

It's like it's never been done before, ever,
and we're all victims, with hate poisoning our pores
Hated seeping through our skin,
passing it on to the next of kin, sip the gin...

Only the strong survive, and they're destined to win

Singing to the soul of another, perhaps a brother,
Like "from the heart to the trigger, you'll always be my nigger..."

Karma and Camaraderie - what do they have in common ??

Speak none with a devilish tongue, I'll give you some -

Get my jib - I'll punch you in the ribs, kid.
I'm kidding, and it's not all about winning
What about enjoyment ?? sheer enjoyment
Being pleased with life, and maybe a beautiful wife, eh ???
counters counted and allowances allowed
shallow shallows swallowing the edges near the beach.
child all of this is within your reach, son.
Find your hunnybun Dorothy at the end of the yellow brick road
And we'll all get plowed, bust your load.
Choad - what's a choad ?? it's slang for God-knows-what...
But here's the cut, you don't get much, such and such and such.
We're all out of luck you unlucky fuck...
Everything sounds alike and I love it, hug it... Get it ??
Eat your tapenade with some Gatorade, I just want to get laid !!!
But beautiful girls do not be afraid... I'm not a rapist; I'm a pennist
Bubbles trickling down
Sprinkling with finesse
Winking, the girl at the end of the bar...
Blinking now, me looking into those dazzling eyes...
Her lips she's licking, tracing her tongue along the moist flesh