Thursday, May 5, 2022


Please read my pleasant writing become before a cluster bomb of a life wasted and it puts a sick taste in my mouth:

Coming across the masses with states of New England TD Banks in each sovereign land area of border crossings state-to-state with $10,000 a piece my banks in all of New England, to glance at Lance’s LIVESTRONG left and right wrists sporting a total of 2 yellow bracelets along with the adjoining white BLESSED bands creeping up to my hands sporting rings and a Movado watch to keep the time of Day and Night with a paid staff here at “Averte” where they feed me and give me my many medications like an ANTI-SEIZURE couple of pills and no frills aside from the Xanax for no panic-attacks, under the radar of Russian’s 10X nuke to get sick with a gagging motion to puke into porcelain again, like the other night-  I had Olive Oil Galore of the Extra- V to a surgeon feeling not a single sin to sit with a V-card holder, reaching over her shoulder, to solder iron with a pump of kettle-bells walking strides so wide, I can hardly hold my breathing for a microsecond then panting again, the gym was my friend at Boost Fitness showering at home after with Finesse in my hair, when I’d wake up sleepy to then pop caffeine pills until Energized and feeling fresh vims of my temperature when heated, holding a neater wardrobe to attack a drone at home outside my window to invade my privacy with these thee enemy’s of mine, to pay them no heed, no deed in my millions USD to come and see my “crypto-currencies” in coming Centuries to live in a victorian house with a Secret code to open the front door and I INVITE YOU INSIDE, taking Tidal Waves the booty boogie dancers I have the answers to please the deep pockets of Zuckerberg once sending him a signed paycheck to bounce in the bobby-pink pinz while the wheels of the Viper 8.0L V10 engine says again, “Stab the petals” gas and brake, the $80,000 price tag I take the talk of walking with a sway to this VERY IMPORTANT DAY: may 9 2022 we’re maybe through with World War III as per pesky Russian military forces, my signature with many forges because of my foreign-to-me Stockbroker Dan, the man with Realty Really “Plans” to gain a fan or two his son and Daughter to ne’er Falter like a wife of a far-out man with simple tastes, me craving Sushi of Satoshi the Bitcoin inventor with an inventory of attempts at his life, that he’s probably dead, instead of owning the “Nakamoto” crypto-FORTUNE 500 richest ones with Elon Musk the 1 friend I had when I made him sad to think, “He is probably having his full-time nurse type for him and posting the photo of his Ruined Subaru WRX with ROTA Formel rims on each of the 4 corners for cornering coroners when they thought I’d die at the scene, when the ride in the Ambulance they were mean and took my cut off khaki’s bare with scissors exhibiting hairy legs that needed “Pegs” of not crutches yet, or ever, I never had crutches in my MT “Clutch” a bag of a hag with thrown away food, me in my pissed boxers they said “You can let your bladder relinquish its grip on holding, keeping, all of your urine so let it flow!” And I knew I had to go, as result I was wet downstairs, the hairs on my head so bloody from an awful impact of the world and my girl, my bed buddy into S&M being smacked in the face and her red nipples pierced by my teeth biting so hard ONLY BY HER REQUEST, my front two teeth clamping on and her away when using tampons, not letting me see her menses, how silly- I wanted a simple peek to Piquing interest in her bloody week of crappy cramps with candles unnecessary as per the white light of my computer screen and lit up box, with a French royalty bloodline of French monotonously learning Espanol in school at Shepherd Hill for junior high I was in advanced classes, the average student not know what an ass is a DonkeyCoin to Dogecoin for what flight-risk presented before me to run to town to The Colatina and ordering seltzer sans swigs of the latest gin on the top-shelf serving when I would walk with a sway to say, I need to call a cab like a Taxi with the forthcoming taxes on importing my health and wealth and global security when I NEED MY MILLIONS OF MONEYS, not giving it to BLM’s “porch monkeys” up in trees like Donkey Kong 64 in my Bitchain and war is insane being attacks on Ukraine and Zelensky taking up arms to keep the swarms of Military missile-equipped “Drones” glowing glowing bright and flying over homes, these automated “Drones” as the beat hammers on with an MC ceremoniously taking a sip of Cyan Blue the hue of Acrylic Paint- a “Crypto” no it ain’t but with Tales from TaLenTed undertakers being baby-makers of Mark Z.’s FB “Meta” frenzy stirred and shaken with a baby awakened in The “Awakenings” of Caccoon helping hands at the office in Sal Palo Alto Cali... where the Baywatch babes be watching the salty swimmers doing up their zippered flies at the breach of my Reach to high heights with all of my Mightiness to reach beyond God and clutch-bag a fat mammary where the best bread Milk will be for NO BABY to squeeze the sips of nips—not hers—but ones from the liquor-store where I haven’t been to since 2016 having NO MORE ALCOHOL SINCE 2016 I stood up Sober went to AA twice and that did the trick- to click off my bad have it of nightly Guinness gulping a guy like a guppy with muted speech, so as not to Slur my words wearing a girl’s Rodeo GO GO COWGIRL to ride the Bull Market “crypto-currencies” still belonging to me, I need the cash to pamper my living alone with not much energy, my Zuckerberg has left me, alone worth worlds apart Demonstrated Democracy when without sleeping last night, my fingers are spent-  paid in Bitcoins to the Department of my Defense against the Arab Nation, causing a “Parthenogenesis” virgin “creation” I read about a virgin giving birth in 2004 that shattered Jesus Christ in two, belly of jelly beliefs in Christ have been vanished and then rekindled with two Reverens needing the gud spellar in far-out space to save a front seat watching God, with my left arm reaching Beyond His “Illusion” like a Hologram at the edge of space where I found a silent place of peace and Justine didn’t have any Yeast under a Gyno’s detection of not a drop, when SHE DIDN’T GET A YEAST INFECTION!

Urban Thugs on Drugs and looting in the big city, negroes are shitty to white superiors, but save for their jobs they work sometimes slow but sometimes HARD ON THE IMMIGRANTS I call to a complacent statement of KEEP OUT THE CRIMINAL-MEXICANS peddling Fentanull that Killed Suicidal David my Cousin a Perron with 2 toddlers, he killed himself when locked up and he’s no longer a father-  unable to pay Support to his young ones, so his parents pay the bills for the sent-chills of receiving a phonecall first from me “Aunt Diane, DAVE IS GOING TO KILL HIMSELF!" I announced to let her know that her son was into some really grimy shit, and my Mom hit me and took the phone away that soon after on another day Dave decided, “I just may, take my life that’s gotten on Opiates like HERRON PERRON the “heroin” a $20 bag of crack he smoked too, so Dave in not-heaven I think bad things of you, David Perron in the Afterlife, that's all I know but my Mom pleaded with me shouting, "DO NOT DRIVE HIS CAR AND MAKE HIM GO SLOW!" and then she said once again like he was no friend- she said he was bad and insane called him "mad" Dave Killed Himself when he couldn't have his heroin or Fentanyl and it's exactly why I abstain from bad drugs and all alcohol SOBER 2016!

I knew he would kill himself, poor David Perron, no one went to the funeral so pitiful!

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