Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Cooking up that $DOUGH, and all know, of you readers, this text I like to share, with you, and through and then all-though...

Double story house and words being released from my one’s mouths, tingle-tingle, The Tings, tasty tongues with their tasty Cinnabon’s of what one to emerge as a great and greater- the greatest man in all of the land, “O” Lakes when baking a pantry $CAKE so scrumptious cylindrical “Tical, Tical” divers diversity—and a Dumpster Diver falling flat on his oh oh oh or HERS when once come a burden of a muffin in the over-done oven, witche’s coven in the particular pin-point of playing the veinous video-games old video game and “Pong” to sing a song of a wratched old wench, sitting still, bench-laden for some floozy bar-side stinky drinker of Dunkin’s moist muffins and buns, for you hun, the skylit upper-side windows to peruse the cumulonimbus MTA with a valid driver’s license up to date—but wait I’m getting a new Vermont Identification Device to keep in my own pocket... to Sit on it the information The “SIT-uation” of Jersey, hmmm now SURE with what washing wayside ’n’ sea-side Coroner’s Virus (I rule) not drinking so absolutely NO LIQUORED LIQUIDS—eating Octopus at The Sole Proprietor—my meal-time destination of eating at the greatest restaurant All the Nation of this our United States of America #1 the taste of politics with lingo—but who knows??—cackle at the Crows and Crowns of Royal empresses the buttons on the switches, of my fingers finally finished, and FINDING the text to type when the peaches are ripe and cushy-gooshy sipping the spit of what The Pit??  I can get them both to be bathing and shaving in the country’s Mausoleum, opting to be an optician of special medications state-side of previous MAGA “Pride”—but to be fucked-with and carrying Shivon and on and on, a “shiv” ER in the under the weather sky-up with enough stuff to play the piano keys, or these keys in front of me—we will see the get-attem suede saddle of some horses being gathered into a Herd—U-Haul’ing the words of a wonderous Poet that...

I’m now knowing it, Dancing in Space and buying “A Place”—yes a pristine palace to live near my best pal, Cousin Dan, lend me money to Invest in Bitcoin, saying please, and that’ll be on PayPal, fo’ sho’ with the immigrant population tuning into the CNN or YouTube Station: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jr83RNbBkNs

Read my www.alwayschillen.com with your own eyes-  set straight—at a great weight like me and my Mom and Dad, yeah me too, having read a great book I gifted him and Mom with named “Eat To Live” staying fit and providing the ponderance of how to Extend Life—like how I would get a monthly maganesium heh magazine, quick zine to be soon seen—named “Life Extension” but mostly selling products such as their own line to walk it straight and Sway (Tech) with what a way to—SAY, IT LOUD AND PROUD, I’m of French and I’m not only talking about the Dressing coming in bottles to swish and squint and this watch and of Paris—eating LETTUCE—bested by Motel Most-Hated mad-hatter (MAD HATER) when what’s with the wait-er delivery of it taking to long, 4 or 5 minutes in a song, usually, that it’s got to be more and free—to set the stage at least 3 minutes long in an everyday radio kinda song, sifting through Subaru at “Long’s” or Lundgren with the yellow Integra Type-R with for $25k, hey you get the one hundred ninety horse power to cruse and use the perusal of a sailor ship with Rip and jeans torn totally taught to Taters, the scars, them Tattered, being stretched through the Spandex of dared to bend what-over??  Slimmer in slimey spoken LANGUAGE of loving my Dancing in words, seeing them scrolling on a screen, me remaining complacent but never screaming, that—they have great chocolate ice-cream here at “Averte”—it’s where I reside NO RESIDUE taking noting of me actually “Quoting” the meaning of my meandering down thought up and throughout my deep non-relenquished bottle of relish—Mom and Dad had hot dogs for dinner—them living as average but worth much more with their RICHES that the hot dogs are sirloin and expensive bitches—the Shiba Inu—UP 80,000% news—that’s a great deal of money, for me buying you presents mattered much-ly when to be, oh “AS IF” blurted banging of pot’s and pan’s with the internet connection here, The Lay of the Land, like you, one who uses computer machines with Chardonnay and Charolette Hornets’ “Larry Johnson”—and the Austin team’s “David Robinson”—my enormous comic book and sports cards collections worth so many delightful currencies, now and currently—the same—I have a TBI and Lance was shamed—bye to the International Sports Committee—I’m not playing ball or playing with any bolts being nut-crazy for $$,$$$,$$$ “CASHEWS” when the elderly lady drinks a 16 ounce bottle of booze, and then falling asleep—snooze-ing...

I'll cut it off if you come at me because I'm a real "pecker-wrecker"

I print it on paper

CYA later! 👀

I've been fairly happy lately, buoyant with CBD gummies!

Exodus down to the low-flats of the heavy and obese—call them “The Fats” who swing high-pitch like a floozy slut, late to be abrupt and tempered with the Temp. in the high 90’s or the chickie at the office, being that I’m one being and having paid for Word, and so I bought Stocks in Apple and Micro-SOFT withered wrinkly who-dillie Daisy to straddle when I’m AT-THEM concealing Aromatic Atombstones plaid the Trombones of $BONE I’ve written much about my investments, when them of two armaments with the Ten Commandments I meant to hustle&flow don’t you know—with the me not sinning and R.L. Grimes is sitting and shitting with a p-due flop of grab a mop and soap so Zest fully CLEAN with showers sometimes (but not often...) at late hours, and after gym-class at Ye Olde Saint John’s High School—me so cool—sitting at one of the Populous Tables when I was impressed to be embraced with a smiling face, by Grant and Linde and Mr. Marino, praying for me, as I’ve seen, being his “Buddy” now today, having written a note, as at “Averte”—you see me cope!

"Cuz" I need you to use my Tesla stocks and Berkshire-Hathaway stocks, too, to buy me a Tesla Roadster, I think you put down a $50,000 "Reservation" and I want to talk to a Developer at Facebook, that I bought 2 "Blue Checkmark" Twitter accounts on my JeffreyMarquis1 and marquis_jeffrey accounts, came to $80 or so, and I'm not getting verification!

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Sail the eloquent squalor of what but the camaraderie of the weight-loss industry!

You want “Street Cred”, well I’ll feed you with my paid-taxes that I have always paid taxes, to “The Fed” the government with an Incorporated business in my nuclear (I pray for peace!) family who, yeah my Trust Fund is accumulating more mo’ munition at moment and me loving my Marquis Family (AIM: “Marquis Parents”) they pay about $20k each month for “Rent”—me happy here at “Averte” when I love talking with my Aunt Donna Donohue—she knows they feed me delicious low-carb food, and although I’m not working out much or at all, I stand sort of tall but under six feet, here at “Averte” I’m fed well with my groceries—I don’t have my car here, it’s safe at home in Charlton, MA—3.5 hours away from my real Home with my “Health-Proxy” parents!!!

When once a kitty pounces upon a pillar, it’s a Magination Criteria to clean the outside of a vehicle—yeah, it’s Exterior of Carnauba Wax sold on the racks of Auto’s in The proverbial “ZONE” when I drone to the fate of a fat fuck eating junk food on a huge, giant plate, and to wait, until well Summertime—pledging allegiance to my waistline—to lose 5 lobsters in a meth lab or at the pounded bloody bludgeoned face, the disgrace of pleaded peppers on Uncle Salmons kept and sour loungetail loins—what a place, and to be,

Me pretty FIT
Months ago:

Me lazy TITS

I guess so!

A GREATER WRITER, to where Glory Glows and who but I know now how it goes, calmly into the incoming sequence, the Characters!

And this to those, gonna be an all-nighter

Inflicting a Bic lighter of sway or swag

Found a rag fantasy with the high price soul-d of within me whimsical and lyrics for Allan of the Ethan descent that’s—in all honestly—the best I can be to imitate a tyrant trans- on a bi-cycle

Fucking for cash, that a trick, but wait a tick of the Talking Heads—when I take my Medz Californication meditation, to trick the Tick tumultuous shaking hands with flossed ’n’ flushed Designed Rand-MyCall my cellphone to the walls of the bouncing brains—take a relented and relenquishing Religious stance, albeit the Oprah/Lance “dance” broadcast with a sharded Advanced Polymers with Merv his puns are always so fun—him a bright lad bringing it wholesale—tongue between my tall tale—without drugs and slow as a snail—sipping the gin’s gunner ale to stand so tall with legs ELON-ged with a HS designed Degree—a little pee splashes—ashes to be spread in Israel—that’s where I want to death derailed—pleasantly happy most days, or ninety five percent of the Time with a fabled rhyme and rhythm, but nadules bantering for a flavor to savior UTMOST along the East Coast of SOMA some Blockbuster vid’s, MTV’s “Cribs” of lavish loveness in a quote-unquote “Love Nest” with Kimmy K and Kanye dancing the horizontal hoopty—SHWING!—and sweeter sewer excrement to be cleansed and wipe with the left, me bereft of salacious function, at what junk-shure? Sure I saw the saying of black-on-wives of him, Mr. West and Kimberly’s inflated breasts on her chester cheetah of Free-To-Lay pots of a few umm chips, and gates with their Mitsubishi Eclipse but pouted, pounded, without a double-douce sounded for a flounder in the Southern hemisphere—them are a bunch surrounded!

Let's all give a tall and proud salutation to those with the broken reputation of sleeping-socks who, well, it sucks when people O.D. or kill themselves in State Custody (*ahem* cough cough a relative relieved himself of opiate addiction lol David... lol )

And Brendan and Laurie, I hold them dear in my heard hearts of love and care, when fortunately, yes ever so well and happy with their happenings! I WISH YOU WELL GRIFFINS! I care! 💕

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Google my "JMRQ Heavy Industries"

You can feel free to imply, the nighttime-lyrics are all MINE and coming from ME, with what you see on my dot-com domains of delight, when I write at night and until morning, that’s 
when I’m treated to a textual journey of daily-do little poetry stories, with me the Subject notebook of Five-Star notes in a book, cost a lot and quality-made, those notebooks divided to classes like Calculus, what a fuss, and Geography, that’s the Rand-McNally idolatry, for me, wanting and hoping I’ll be able to visit even for only most of a day, Israel: our ally, The Holy Land, covered so Sandy here, overweight with a smaller rear—than that big but on a bimbo turns me off—I’m not a []D [] []V[] []D though by any tiny bit of a floozie’s itty-bitty yet so bulbous when a light goes on, and because John here is overweight by a whole lot, he wears thongs and talking under his breath when I see him — that jerk, he’s at work because the sudsy Residents here—they’re unstable—they’re unable to handle—my handle: “jmarquis710” and “alwayschillen” and “wrxtbi” and “JMRQ Heavy Industries”

That’s all me.

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Also: my www.jeffreymarquis.com =)

What if the Welch’s turns sour?

And what if the whole of them, are sore?

To have been undried!

I tried, at least I tried hitting the highest peak of Bitcoin with a myself mysterious: Delirium Tremens on tremendous weight-lifter scales, tremendous poundage Tough Buff and Jeff M

To take and tangle the Supra GT’s wind of a trailing string being tampered, TAPED to the: ON “Switch” of tug the Dick Pole of the MLB:

Rick Saw and SHODDY, and so as to, haw-haw-hawk and HARK, to Rick=Richard “Cuz” I’m switching plans to come to the bottom of her HANDS, L.V. to see and shocked aghast with an Agnostic-GRIP to pinky swear the sewer (Sue of Or...) stench of knobs to be flipped and lifted from a winding road, on the windiest day, calling all widows jumping out bulletproof glass windows, to fall and float, reincarnated as a goat, taken in for the slicing- the goat’s throat severed with several sword strokes, that’s what happens folks, cake on the icing with $CAKE the Dymatize protein powder, a flavor of its, garnered milk out of ye nipples—sheets (of printouts) with pink and rose colored flowers, waking up and taking a Bathing treatment of bubbles and at Dawn, the Church Bishop kills a paltry Pawn, so, so long, all within a dreaming daze of Money and Days of yore—you can have them—as Katy Perry plays, “Don’t ever look back!” with something about a Teenage Dream... tonight, tonight, tonight as the focus fades and a showy face faking a Facade, to squirt out the Dawn and hope to hop out of the warm tub—to Take A “Tub”—with a bedside buddy’s soapy butt and smudged signatures with where is all my mail here at “Averte”—the staff and many in my living are ever so sinister, yeah that’s me, saying sincerely, where’s my “loot”—my Doc Martens, my Saint John’s wearable boots of two shoes...

when hiking up-hill from Flavian to the Administrator Headquarters—the main building- it big with a cafeteria and library—oh the all of it—a travel-time to Saint John’s—it took almost an hour long being exceptionally a driver’s destination of a Shrewsbury, MA location and with classes taught, you aught be so smart with Honor’s Classes—they went by fastly—like the lunches, at one of the 3 or 4 “cool tables” with my MyPillow 1.0 never getting too warm, temperature (our climate’s temper) ambient and low in degrees—hey I have an Associate’s from Q.C.C. don’t you see that I can type and I can jot, jogging, Steve Jobbs LIVESTRONG, and mowing the whole lawn

Long Continues


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Bitcoins https://www.coindesk.com/data/

Precious metals https://www.jmbullion.com/

Invested: 2013 or 2014

Aliases: “Jeff M” and “Jeffry”

Google: “JMRQ Heavy Industries”

Financial: TD Bank, Bank of America, Merrill, Pacilio Wealth Management, and my huge Trust Fund!

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Nothing but money, Mr. Marquis

Moaning in a Meadow of descent associated with Tony in a MEADOW (Market) Soprano was Jamie-Lynn Seigler that reminds me of Lisa and her wife that I do not approve of sex changes that her pervert husband/wife got a sex change and shame on her family that they have 2 kids and what are they going to think about a Transexual father?

And what if when one wonders what could be a Titanic troublesome time with Welches and Belches WRECKED HAG, you faggot attrocity to the ones being blessextd with a meaty ’n’ juicy sweet—chest all sweaty known to me, better things shall come to me in my way, saying hey no simply swashing the dirty dishes, when I switched from a fork to a spoon, without it I’m a lurking noodle with straight nudes painted all over-me, poo washed clean when SHOWER TIME crypto-currencies have made me $$,$$$,$$$

https://www.thecut.com/2015/04/why-it-feels-so-good-to-cry-in-the-shower.html to get so warm, a Spoon—maybe engine of what to jumps in front of my train—the tranny of what I think she’s really a man, especially judging from her hands—pull them aside with my strides with feet and my toes, got the hot-foot Beirut in the gutter when asunder speaketh the DJ of Aunt Donna and Joe who he is a really great guy you you really, I mean, “You really have got to meet Him.” Taking on the what but a clicking clacking lacking [ nothing ] when I balance (banks) on the trampoline and soggy wet dance floor to when I’m so giddy as my enemies are going to endure shit (enemies at the same time)

Nothing for